Finding The Perfect Rough Sex Gif

I know what you might be thinking, gif? A rough sex gif can’t replace a video, why not just watch a porn? Though you might be right, I just love browsing on Tumblr for them. That always leads to being extra horny and of course, I have to keep browsing and playing with myself. Why would I prefer sex gifs? Well, just imagine your favorite part of porn just playing over and over and again. Why in the hell wouldn’t you love that?

Obviously, it all starts on a lonely night. Yes, Tumblr browsing all starts on my bed. Lights completely off and looking for something very fucking hot. I actually have my favorite go to pages. I bet if you ask nicely I can share them with you. While looking at all those hot girls getting fucked by big dicks my pussy can’t help but get wet. I keep browsing and I don’t touch. Sometimes I just hop on to a pillow and grind till I find some really hot one and when I do, well you know what happens then.

Since by this time I am already in my bed, ready to sleep I have my vibrator handy! Ready to be used when I find the perfect set of gifs. When I finally do I put it on my pillow, right in between me and the pillow and feel the vibrations of it while I imagine I am the girl getting fucked hard in those gifs. There’s something sensual and hot about them. Maybe it’s because they’re silent. But You can just let your imagination run wild and take that few seconds and turn them into something fucking hot! Once I cum, I am ready to sleep.

Gifs are amazing! If you are looking to have some quick fun, late at night!

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