Hot Romantic GFE Sex gets us both so turned on we can’t resist each other.

Feeling such Hot Romantic GFE Sex adoration for you, and wanting to express every tingle you give me. Looking into your eyes and seeing deep into your desires fills my soul with such a longing. The overwhelming need to tease and please my man takes me over.

Envisioning my long legs wrapped around your waist, squeezing you tight makes me wet. Feeling your soft touch turn stronger with a firm grip gets my breath to deepen, my moan to escape my lips in a whisper. Using my eyes to get your wall to crumble is necessary so that I can give you all that you need. Let me give you the world in a smile. Allow my heart to overflow and fill your cup.

Sliding inside of me with a mutual gasp ignites the flame within our combined soul.

All the Hot Romantic GFE Sex flirting, and banter leading to this heavenly moment brings us to new heights. Soaring over our bodies becoming witness to what true ecstasy is melts us further into Hot Phone Sex. I am yours my king, and no other will every have me this way again. Holding the dream in place, knowing that one day I would feel you wrapped tightly inside of me. I knew you would come.

Bursting explosions of fireworks go off around every cell that composes the girl I am for you. You said it yourself, I am your girl. The one you want in your bed, and in your heart. The wall no longer exists. Being vulnerable is your new super power. You are naked and exposed to all-weather, and it is always worth it.

I look deeply into your eyes completely connected, continuing to pleasure you while enticing.

Any Hot Romantic GFE Sex Story begins with an electric spark, an undeniable connection that people long to experience. Telling you this one, the one we create together sends tingles pulsing through my body. Wanting to relive every moment with you, the man I need to turn into an animal. Listening for those moans and pauses in your breath that let me know I’m working that spot right.

Having Hot Romantic GFE Sex at the drop of my panties inspires my wet pussy to squeeze. Clinching around your perfect cock is what calls to me. Swirling my tongue around your swollen head and giving you that devious little wink sends the signals that I need you in me now. Picking me up by my arms you give me the deepest kiss while holding me tight. Bending me over your hard leather chair I drip with excitement. Sliding inside of this juicy little tight pussy I feel the lust you have for me. Wrapping your arms around me, pressing me to you shows me how you love every thrust.

 Moaning your name while you give me what I need.

Satisfying my every want you thrust harder and deeper now. Getting close to that gush and explosion that only you bring me to. Spreading my fingers apart, reaching back to grip your ass. Pulling you into me so hard I can hear the slapping sound of our bodies colliding. Pulling my hair just enough to make me growl that carnal moan right before the flood rushes around your dick. I’m on the edge and only need the slightest touch from your hand.

Having the very Best Phone Sex with you is pretty automatic really. Keeping things interesting and sexy is a pleasure of mine and soon to be yours too. Thinking of ways to keep you on your toes is like planning a kink fest for the two of us. Making it harder than ever for you to keep your hands off this prized ass I sway and bend for you. Commanding every bit of your attention and having you want to fill me up completely.

Thrusting in and out of me as deep as you can get.

Pumping me balls deep, so hard while picking up speed this Hot Phone Sex just gets better every time. Knowing each other’s bodies is the key to success at this level. Listening to your breath and when you hold it shows me exactly what I do that you love so much. Hitting those spots in the rhythm that can be dragged out with the right Edge Play Phone Sex is the best.

Teasing is a real art form. Painting the picture with touch and movement so you know what will be coming next, but find yourself unsure of when. Leaving the mystery stimulating your cock while I caress and nibble you up and down.