Teacher calls phone sex for hot roleplay

I love it when my callers know exactly what they want and their not afraid to ask for it. Matt for example is my sexy teacher who is attracted to young girls. He sits in class at his desk and while all these teen girls tease him in short skirts and shirts that practically show their tits. With the girls teasing and flirting Matt is seeking revenge for the torture he’s endured. A hot roleplay helped Matt with his tight young teen fantasies. With Kelsey you can have what you crave. This teacher student role play was perfect for me as I love to tease. As I sat in class my mind was filled with dirty perverted thoughts of fucking my teacher.

I sit in the front row and as I spread my legs I give him a view up my skirt. Matt can’t resist the way I drag the back end of my pencil down my lips all the way down my chest. He stutters through the lesson as I continue to tease him but I just give Matt that innocent smile which teases him more. After failing to complete my assignment I met with Matt after class to discuss a makeup assignment. It didn’t take long for Matt to scold me for teasing him in front of the class. As he lectured me I could tell he was only upset because there wasn’t anything he could do about it.

We were all alone in the classroom and this time Matt got revenge for me teasing him. His slid his hands between my legs and rubbed my pussy from the outside of my panties. I soaked my panties from him rubbing my crotch then his hands moved down inside my panties. He didn’t finger my pussy he just used his fingertips to lightly rub against my pussy lips I opened my legs further apart inviting him to shove them inside me but he just continued to tease me like I teased him. Just as he removed his hand and I think he’s going to put me on his desk and fuck me he dismisses me and says I’ll think twice before teasing him next time. This hot roleplay has me anxious to see what’s next.

kelsey-3002Kinky Kelsey