Fuck ! I had always said that I should never go shopping while I was horny, and yet here I was. And not at a Kroger, or anything like that, but at a freaking Whole Foods, full of MILF, pseudo-hippie, yoga pants wearing goodness….and I wanted to do bad things to everyone. Especially her.

Fuck. A redhead. Just what I needed now when I was already starting to feel little drips of precum rub against my upper, inner thigh. Fuck. As much as he promised himself he would just keep his head down and do his shopping and get out, he had a really, really important interview, after all, he just couldn’t resist. Dammit. Maybe he was a sex addict? Oh fuck it, who the fuck cares, just look at her! She had legs for days, weeks even, which was his complete and utter weakness. Tits and ass are all well and fine, but give me a woman with legs like those, and I will forget everything else. Like the interview, for instance. As he was letting his thoughts wander to yummy places, he actually did it. He actually rammed into her cart. Hard. And totally accidentally.  Our Conversation went as follows

” Um, Excuse You!”
God, the words sounded bitchy but her voice was like mainlining sugar. He felt a stirring in his shorts.
“Jesus! I am so sorry, I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me.”
“Yeah, me either. It’s ok, just watch where you’re going”
She knew what was wrong with him, she knew that look, she got it allllll the time. Unfortunately, he was actually pretty sexy, kinda her type, and truth be told, it had been too long since she had gotten laid.
“I will, have a good day”
And they went there separate ways. Man, was he gonna give up that easily? Maybe she was wrong, maybe she didn’t know that look? And then “WHAM!” Harder than the first time.
“what the fuck is wrong with you?!?!”
“Ha, calm down, I didn’t break anything, I just had to get your attention”
“Have you tried saying ‘Hello’, that works for some people?”
“Hello, I’m Anthony”
“Hi, Anthony, I am Anna. Now fuck off and leave me alone”
God, she is hot,
“I thought maybe we could chat while we shop, no?”
“No. Geez. Next you are going to ask if you can squeeze my melons”
“That cliche, huh?”
“Yes. very.”
“Well, can I?”
“No, but you can take me into the meat locker, and fuck the living shit out of me. It better be hard, and good, and you had better fill me up with your cum.”
He was speechless
in his head all he heard was
“Attention Customers there is a HOT RED HEAD fuck on isle 6”