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The fear of getting caught makes my pussy so tingle with wetness. I am on vacation for my birthday with one of my hot well hung fuck buddies. As soon as we check into this hotel that we are staying at, I waste no time to do what I do best! We got to our room, drop our bags. I get naked and jump down to my hands and knees, undressing the bottom half of him. His cock is so happy to see me and aching for hot public sex. My pink lips part open and I dive right in, shoving him into my throat. The harder I suck and tug his cock to the back of my throat, the more he so begs to thrust into the depths of my throat. He wraps my hair around his knuckles and starts to pound my sexy little wet warm mouth. 

My sloppy wet mouth and my pussy are drooling!

He takes his shirt off and I continue to deep throat him. Covering his cock in my spit, it is so soaking wet. I hop off of his cock and run away from him, toward the sliding door to the balcony. My naked body clings to the railing as soon as I open the door. “Come out here and have hot public sex with me!” He is led by his cock. As soon as he is out here I guide his cock into me from behind. My stomach is leaning over the railing and I brace myself as every inch of his cock slides inside of me. There are people walking underneath us, some I sure can see us in the distance. Others on their balconies can hear his grunts and my moans. This big fat cock is stretching my tight wet pink pussy right open. 

“That is right baby, pound me harder, I need that cock fucking me balls deep.”

I can not get enough of his cock, as it is ramming in and out of me. I can not believe I am going to squirt all over his cock having hot public sex with him! One of his hands is cupping my tit and the other one is holding my waist. His cock is thrusting deep and hard inside of me. I can feel my tight twat cumming! It is tightening around his shaft with each thrust. I cum so fucking hard on his gum gun! I’m in need of his sperm. This dick slit needs to bust a heaping wad of jizz out of it! I pull his pussy cum covered dick out of me and drop down to my hands and knees all over again. This is exactly where a girl belongs, right on her hands and knees! You would not find me in the kitchen!

But being on my hands and knees is a whole different story!

 I pull his wet cock into my mouth and start blowing him. His cock is swollen and so are those balls. I have to beat him off before we attract any more attention. Playing with his balls, and letting my tongue go everywhere around him. All over his balls, up his ass, and back to his cock. This hot public sex is going to make him bust. Here he goes! I feel that apple head swelling up and it twitching. I suck and let my tongue dance all around him. His load is finally busting out and filling my mouth. He has so much jizz bursting out of him, it goes all over my face and in my mouth! I love big loads like this. Every girl deserves as much cum as he gives me. I am such a lucky bitch. A cum hungry bitch, that is! 

Having hot public sex is just as fun as taking a thick throbbing cock. My pussy is always craving a hot and kinky time!

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