As a sexy woman, I am making additional money modeling. I have the look that sells and gets lots of modeling gigs. Therefore, when I get an offer, I always say yes. This particular job is multiple outfits, including some expensive lingerie. My favorite type of shoot and I am excited to see if I am keeping the clothes. I am ready for hot photoshoot action and making my money.

Of course, not all gigs allow you to keep the clothing but a lot of them do. Expensive lingerie is a weakness of mine. The photographer is newer and said it is a huge opportunity for both of us. Additionally, if the client is happy with the photos, there will be more gigs. I love more money.

He is using a cool warehouse for our hot photoshoot action today.

Additionally, it is a famous place and fun for this type of work. As I am arriving, I am noticing there aren’t a lot of other people here. Normally, during a shoot like this, there are tons of other people; makeup, lighting, setup staff, and more. However, it is only the photographer and his assistant.

This is making me wary of this job but I am a professional. I know how to do my own makeup and such. I head to the dressing room area they have set up so I can change into the first outfit. It is weird, I am feeling something out of place at this hot action photoshoot. However, I continue to get ready. It may just be this old building.

Of course, the photographer and his assistant seem nice enough for now.

This is a fun job but I enjoy providing Hot Phone Sex way more! My callers come to me for every fantasy you can think of and I love giving them the best time of their lives. Since I don’t have any limits some of the fun is pretty kinky. Of course, that makes this nympho MILF very happy. I love hearing their naughty confessions during my MILF Pegging Sessions too!

I am ready for the first set with this designer dress and shoes. As I walk out to the set, the guys are instructing me. We get in all the main clothing and they are ready for the lingerie shoots. Now is my favorite time of hot photoshoot action; wearing LaPerla lingerie that feels amazing on my skin.

The photographer suggests taking the shoot in a new direction and has his assistance to use the silk stockings to tie my hands. Oh, this is kinky and fun. Or, so I think. As I am moving around for the photos, they are both getting closer to me. What the fuck, they are in my space. Before I can pull away the assistant is tying one of my legs to the leg of the settee.

Oh shit, this is good!

I am completely vulnerable and unable to get away. We are now into some inappropriate hot photoshoot action I did not sign up for. The assistant is taking my clothes off as the photographer is putting his equipment away. Oh fuck, this is a setup. They both start undressing and telling me to relax. It is going to be fun for all of us.

If you know me, you know I am a kinky bitch that loves sex. However, I like to control the situations and this is something different. Both of them have hard cocks, both decent in size as they are approaching me. The assistant is holding my loose leg as the photographer is kissing my body as his big dick rubs on my skin.

I am at their mercy and I have a feeling they intend to use me for hours. Curious to know what they did to me or if I flipped the situation on them? Call me to find out!

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