Let’s Talk About Your Pantyhose Fetish

I know you have one. I can see the way you look at me when I walk around wearing nothing but them. You have a pantyhose fetish and you are looking to satisfy your craving for my silky smooth legs in them. Watch me walk around in them. Opaque or sheer, I know exactly what you want. Perhaps you want to do dirty things to me in them or I maybe by just teasing you I can make you cream.

Strutting around naked for you will get your attention, but as soon as I start sliding those pantyhose in my pretty little feet gets your hard. You love the way I wiggle up and down to get in them. The way they fit my past my flat stomach and how nicely they part my round ass. I want to give you a great view, the best view. Sitting on the edge of the bed with my perfectly pedicured toes that are peeking through the fabric pointed straight to you. C’mon, come get on your knees right in front of me. Let me press the bottom of my feet in pantyhose right on your face, slide them down your chest and press them right up against your bare cock.

I must admit it feels amazing when you kiss up and down them my legs. Spread my legs open and start teasing my pussy through the silk fabric of my pantyhose. You will be able to feel just how wet your tongue gets me. What you do now is up to you. Rub your cock up and down my legs, feeling the silky smooth fabric on the tip of your cock, or perhaps you want to tear them up and fuck me. Which one will it be?

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