Hot Office Sex – Such a Turn On

Who doesn’t love a little Hot office sex? There’s something so hot about sucking your boss off underneath his desk and getting paid for it. I never thought it would be this easy to get my pay raise not only was it easy it was a turn on for me. My boss called me into his office last week to discuss the terms and conditions to my raise. I sat across from him while he explained how things work in this office. “In this office you work for your raise, you satisfy me and I’ll satisfy you” he said. “ I always work hard I told him.” Then he stood up and unbuttoned his pants. I was a little surprised but I’d do anything to get that raise. “ Put inside me where ever you want it” I told him. He sat down back in his chair I got on my knees and between his legs and opened wide.

I look right into his eyes and tell him I’m going to give him hot office sex he’s ever had for the right price. I grab his cock and slide my fingertips up and down his shaft he grows harder, “I don’t want just a raise I want you to pay for each of my holes.” He calls it blackmail I call it negotiating. Not taking my eyes off his I ask him “ How much you willing to pay to fuck my mouth?” I let the tip of my tongue slightly touch against his cock head, I give him one good lick for motivation. “$100” He said. I laugh, “That’s all this mouth is worth to you?” I kiss up his shaft and stop at his cock head. “$200” he says. I hold out my hand and he gives me the money. I wrap my lips around his cock I suck his tip and work my lips down his long hard throbbing shaft. I stand up and slide my panties down I sit on his desk with my legs spread, “How much would you give me to fuck me?” “$200” He says. I giggle and shake my head no.

My pussy is worth more than my mouth. I spread my legs a little further and use my fingers to tease my pussy. “You know you want it.” He tries touching my pussy with his hand I smack his hand. “You know the drill money then pleasure.” “$300” He says. I shake my head no against, I moan while sliding a finger inside me. He tried to quiet me afraid everyone will hear. I threaten to moan louder so everyone can hear if he doesn’t give me what I want. “$500” he says. Makes you wonder did he give me what I wanted? Hot Office sex fantasies? Even a little boss/employee role play fantasies? For the right price I could be all yours.

Hot Office SexKinky Kelsey