Today is a rough day, looking at all of my finances and realizing I’m falling short. What is a girl to do? My job is alright at this firm; hours are good, pay is decent, and I love my coworkers. But, my lavish spending style means I’m falling behind a bit.  So, I think my only option is to break down and go to my Boss. I wonder if I offer him some slutty office sex, he’d be willing to give me a big raise!

Preparing for the day, I decided to dress a little sluttier. I pull out a short pencil skirt that stops right below my ass. A pair of lacey black panties underneath that slip-up and shape my ass well. Then, sexy black pantyhose to slide over my pretty long legs, and of course, accented with some silver heels. My white button-up blouse leaves nothing to the imagination, unbuttoned, showing off my cleavage and black bra showing through. I can’t wait to show off to my boss in this outfit!

There’s no way he can refuse me for some slutty office sex!

When I arrive at work, I get more glances than usual. Some of the men whistle at me, and everyone is whispering amongst themselves. Like I give a fuck, this is my life, and I’ll do with it what I want. Besides, the men and women alike are practically drooling. I’ll take those positively and let them bolster my confidence further! As I get to my desk, set my bag down, and log into my computer, I get a page on my phone line. It’s my boss asking me to come to see him in his office. This is kicking off faster than expected! I’m ready to initiate my hot office breeding scene with him.

Before tossing it into my purse, I use my compact mirror to ensure my makeup and hair are perfect. Then, I make my way to his office, and the secretary opens the door to let me in. She smiles as she closes the door, and I hear her make her way back to her desk. My boss motions for me to have a seat in front of him as he looks me over. He stares hard at me, but I can see the intrigued look in his eye. “Miss Mia, I’ve had some people come to me with concerns over your attire today. Any comments?” The look on his face isn’t worried, though. Rather, it’s quite curious, and his smirk drips with arousal.

I have him right in the palm of my hand; I’ll get my raise.

Suddenly, a blush appears on my cheeks, and I shyly turn my head away from him. Playing the coy game with him. Then I confide in him how lonely it is to be a single woman. Life at home isn’t great, and I was hoping to attract a partner. He listens to my sob story about how I’m struggling with money now. I hope that this segues into hot office breeding. Then he stands up and comes around the desk. He leans up against it first and then lets me know there may be something he could do to help. Of course, I innocently ask what he had in mind. He goes around my chair and puts his hands on my shoulders, leaning in close to my ear. “You could let me breed that pussy of yours in exchange for a hefty raise.”

Perfect, I had exactly what I wanted: hot office breeding. Next, I bite my lip and look up at him over my shoulder, nodding at him. With that, his hands trail down the front of my shirt, unbuttoning it further and revealing my bra underneath. He spins the chair around to face him as he slides his fingers over my exposed cleavage. His other hand reaches down the front of my skirt, feeling those soft lace panties. He leans forward and kisses my next before whispering, “I can’t wait to make you my cum slut, Mia” With that, I become Master’s sex slave.

Stay tuned for part 2, when my boss really fills me up. Or, if you want to make your own story with me, call me for some office roleplay phone sex!


Mia Kinky Crew