A Hot Nurse Strokes the Jitters Right of Him!

Well, there is no reason to be nervous when a hot nurse strokes your hard cock.  So reason number one is a hot-looking nurse in uniform holding your dick is reason enough to make anyone want to go to visit the doctor.  Beyond that, the visit is definitely deemed necessary, so how could it be anything illegal, right?  After all, shouldn’t we listen to our professionals?

I’m bursting to tell you this next story about a nervous boy and his visit to the doctor.  It was a visit that Collin would never forget.

Let me tell you all about Collin.  He grew up in a very protective family.  As a result, Collin spent much of his time studying inside the house.

So, what were his parents thinking?

Okay, so I’m trying hard not to judge.  It’s not really my place.  As a result of Collin staying inside all of the time, he didn’t get to learn crucial things like how to make actual friends, get dirty in the mud, get into trouble, and make memories with people that would help someone like him to grow better as a person.

Consequently, Collin became very studious and learned a lot, but alas, no friends to make his days brighter.  I truly felt sad for poor Collin.  After school, we knew he would go straight home.  His parents would never dream of having him stay over at someone’s house for a sleepover.

Eventually, boys do grow up.

Well, you knew this was going to happen right?  Collin started to grow, and change, of course.  One day his mother took her son to the doctor for a check-up.  He hadn’t been feeling well.  Perhaps there was a flu going around.  So then, what does his loving mommy do, she takes him right to the doctor.

I don’t believe the mom read any medical sex stories, so she had no idea what was going to happen.  When Collin walked in, he saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.  He didn’t know why but his cock got hard under his pants.  He felt embarrassed unsure and itchy.

Any feelings of being under the weather went to the side as he looked this beautiful doctor up and down.  She had a smooth face, beautiful brown eyes, long blonde hair, a petite build, firm breasts that Collin wanted to lay his head upon, and so much more.

So, hot nurse strokes cock to make the patient better?

First of all, they did the normal exam with his mommy ever-present.  She was very clingy.  Next, the doctor asked Collin if he had any questions, but all he could do was stammer and look over at his mother.  The doctor looked over and saw the reason for Collin’s hesitation and asked her to leave, despite her protests.

Well, incidentally, it turned out that Collin had been having some dreams that made him wet the bed.  After some gentle probing from the pretty doctor, it turned out that Collin was having wet dreams.  Of course, Collin didn’t know anything about wet dreams and why he was getting hard.

Next, the doctor sent in the nurses!

Well, the best way to show how things worked would be to demonstrate.  It was a shame that Collin was really out of sorts with this kind of issue.  Collin was ordered to undress out of his clothes and get into a gown.  Confused, Collin obeyed.

Two of the most sexy nurses came in to help with the exam.  They flirted and teased and asked to see Collin’s dick.  His dick couldn’t help but stick straight up.  It had a slight curve and the head of the tip was huge.

One nurse reached out her gloved hand and started to stroke his dick up and down.  He spread hi legs and the other nurse started to massage his balls.  He never felt so good in all his life.  What was this new feeling? A kind of build-up of pressure?

One nurse unbuttoned her top and showed a bit of her full tits.  Collin just wanted to touch them.  The nurse read his mind and put his hand on her tits.  Collin knew he was going to lose it.

To be sure, the afternoon was so exciting.  I’m sure more testing was required to make sure Collin got everything he needed.  After all, never go against the advice of the professionals right?

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