Cum Fetish: Slut desire for cum makes her go crazy in a public bathroom

Drinking cum is second nature to me now! As many of you guys may know by now I have a huge cum fetish. It just keeps getting worse and worse by the day. Cum is literally all I think about. No man has been able to satisfy my desire himself. I always have to venture off to other men. One time it got so bad I was out eating at a local restaurant. My pussy started getting wet and my mouth started watering. It was this cute guy sitting across from me. Knowing I needed him so bad, well his cum nonetheless. Deciding to take my chance. He got up to use the bathroom.

I quickly following him behind. Peeking into the men’s restroom to make sure he was alone after he finishing peeing he went to the sink to wash his hands. I walked in and introduced myself. Being a little shocked at first but quickly he started flirting back. Telling him a lie that I was a shy girl who never really did this kind of stuff. Smiling from ear to ear he was definitely feeling himself and I wanted to feel him so bad. So I decided to take a leap of faith and kissed him. Grabbing my hips the kisses got more and more intense.

I pushed him into the bathroom stall and started rubbing his yummy big cock through his pants.

Getting down to what I wanted. Unzipping his pants and started bobbing my head up and down on his big hard cock. He tasted so good and it felt so right like my mouth belonged on his cock. Stroking his cock while I sucked on both of his balls at the same time. Giving the head of his cock cute little kitten licks. Teasing him made it even more fun. He was moaning so loud so I started deep throating him. Going all the way down I didn’t care about breathing. I just needed his cum,  knew he was getting close so I decided to open my mouth wide and receive it.  Making a loud moaning voice his cum sprayed out all in my mouth filling it up, it tasted fucking amazing. I thanked him because he had satisfied my cum fetish but only for a little while.

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