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If you have read any of my blogs or talk to me, you will know I am a naughty slut. I love sex in every form. So, seeing hot naked MILFs is fucking sexy to me! Of course, I am gorgeous MILF and enjoy anytime I get to be naked. If it is with other MILFS, then so be it! Hence, I love having fun. In contrast, Cuckold bimbo stories are so much fun to create! Making use of my panty boys and toilet slaves!

It is winter and my friends are complaining about being stuck inside. They are over the cold weather and want summer back. We love summer and hanging out at my pool skinny dipping. As a result, we turn each other on and enjoy sex in water. Add in some fellas, and it is an all-out good time. All of it adding to my amazing MILF phone sex!

I need to do something to cheer us up and to see hot naked MILFs.

Tossing around ideas for a girl’s weekend, Julie and I want to do something outrageous. The other girls are open for something fun and if possible, someplace warm. Living in New York, there are tons of options for us to go down south. Honestly, I am loving the Keys for our trip and suggest that.

All five girls are hyped for the Keys and consequently, I am calling immediately, I book us at the Tranquility Bay Beach House Resort and our weekend is now a week. Getting excited everyone quickly books airplane tickets. This resort is fabulous, with amazing amenities and right on the water. They have a spa, we have a beach house with a hot tub!

The beach house is fucking amazing!

We are landing, and all of us are like kids, exploding with excitement! The bus from the resort is picking us up. As we are walking out of the airport seeing the gorgeous weather, we know we made the right decision. Furthermore, the beach house is wonderful and all of us are excited to be here. Having this trip will give us the energy to conquer winter.

Dinner is lovely and afterward, we walk on the beach. No one is around so we strip down and play in the ocean naked. Finally, we are hot naked MILFs enjoying the warm Florida Keys. Playing and splashing, the water feels amazing on my skin. Laughing at each other, we all jump when a male voice says hello.

On the beach is a sexy group of guys.

There are seven guys. They are extremely handsome and sexy. My girls and I walk out of the ocean towards them, shocking them that we are not embarrassed. One of them starts to tell us they are staying in the main part of the resort and felt like a walk. All of them agree it is the best decision yet since they arrived.

Grabbing our clothes, we invite them to the beach house for a drink. Within no time we are all laughing and having a blast. Consequently, the next thing I know everyone is getting turned on and everyone’s clothes are off. We find ourselves in the hot tub and going to rooms. The first night is amazing as we all get laid.

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