Hot Morning Sex for Breakfast

Our hot morning sex had us spent! “Mmm.” He uttered the noise before scooting against me, the width of his chest warm on my back and his legs folded up beneath my thighs. Now his rock-hard cock was against my back. Brushing aside my hair, he pressed soft kisses on my neck and shoulder. “Good morning. Do you know what I dreamed of?” he asked. “What?,” I answered. “Last night. The way you looked over my knee.”

Then I rubbed my cheek against the pillow and opened my eyes to him nestling closer. I hadn’t dreamed of it, but I thought about it now. I’d liked trying it, and knowing it excited him as much as it did had turned me on too. The deliberate discipline still felt silly, but it was hard to miss how much we’d both enjoyed it.

Spanking me, making my ass pink gave him great joy! He arched up his hips, his erection rubbing against my ass. “What’d you like most about our hot morning sex?” I asked.

He ran his hand down over my hip, caressing it while he spoke against my neck.

“Most is hard to say.” He curved his fingers around my hip bone, teasing me with the dig of his fingertips. “So the fact that your ass was on display for me. The way you jumped around on my knee…and rubbed your clit on me.” I took a deep breath, and he shifted his fingers forward, stroking the top of my mound with the faintest touch.

“That hot morning sex was sexy.”

“The way you cried out, too. And when I hit your pussy…” After he said this, he ran his fingers lower. I parted my legs, the blanket and sheets falling away from us. “Did you like that?” he asked. “Yes,” I responded. The spanking I was still pondering, but that, yes. That pussy smack had done me in. His fingers crept between my folds, insistent, exploring. So they slid inside and I moaned. “Now you’re already dripping from us talking about it. I love how talking to you makes you want our hot morning sex.”

“Oh, God…”

So he drew his fingers out, then swiped the pads fast over my clit like I loved. I gasped. “Your clit is so swollen. Open your legs more, love.” I was splayed over him, and he tugged me fully atop him to plunge his fingers in again. I wound my fingers into my hair, loving how he held me, how deep his fingers sank before he stole them out to rub my wetness all over my swollen bud from our morning sex.  “Fuck…” I bucked my hips but he pressed harder into me.

“Stay open like this.” I moaned as his fingers dipped in, and then out in a teasing manner. So he cinched me tighter with the hand on my chest to clap the other gently against my cunt. “Oh…oh, yes.”

So now he growled behind me. “You like that, don’t you? You love our hot morning sex”

“Yes,” I whimpered. I could not describe how good it felt. He did it firmer the next time before shoving his fingers deep. When he drew them out, he clapped them against me again, making hard contact with my opening in a wet pop. So I cried out, and he rubbed my clit and slapped my cunt once more. Pleasure danced its way through my senses, unfurling in my heart. Tim jammed his fingers inside and bit my flesh.

When I moaned, he said, “Come for me.” And I did. Over and over again. I can’t wait to have more hot morning sex tomorrow!

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