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I hear my hot mom in her bedroom, moaning while masturbating with my father on the phone.

This happens every motherfucking night. My mom’s sexy groans drive my cock crazy! I’ll lay in bed, stroking my dick while listening to masturbating with my dad. Imagining myself pleasuring her pussy as she see’s fit! Honestly, the thought of fucking her pussy consumes my mind. My dad’s still deployed, unable to accompany my mom to their friends yearly Halloween party. So in honor of him mom decided to wear his camo gear. Holy shit, did she look gorgeous!  After mom left, all I could do was stroke my dick with a pair of her red cotton panties. I had another pair of her dirty panties up to my nose. Along with her 36 DD bra ready to take my warm load! Goddamn I came so fucking hard, filling her cup full of my jizz.

When mom got home from the party I could tell she was a little drunk.

She was talking to my dad, laughing while telling him about her sexy night out. When mom shut her door, I knew exactly what was about to happen. Having no shame, I pressed my ear up to the door, listening to her FaceTime fuck my dad. I was pumping my cock hard to the sounds of her masturbating. Dammit, I wanted her pussy so bad! Right after their call I heard nothing coming from moms room. I cracked the door to peek in, only to find my hot mom passed out on her back. With dads camo shirt unbuttoned exposing her big tits. His pants pulled down to her thighs with a red thongs pulled to the side. When I noticed moms hand on her beautiful glistening pussy my mind went haywire!

Sneaking into her room, I was in awe as her large chest rise and fall with every breath.

This was too good an opportunity to get an up close look at my mom’s pretty pussy. So I gently crawled onto the bed, my face inches from her pussy, inhaling her sweet scent. Which immediately made my dick hard again, wanting so bad to feel her soft hand touch it. Grazing my dick over the palm of moms hand felt incredible. But I needed a taste of her creamy cunt. She must have been awakened by feeling my breath on her pussy.  In her groggy state had to have thought I was my dad because. Before I could run and hide, mom grabbed the back of my head pulling my face into her thighs. Maybe mom was dreaming as she rubbed my face into the folds of her pussy. I didn’t pass up the chance to lick her wet, willing hole. As I was eating her out, she was moaning my dad’s name, rolling her hips.

In fear of being caught, I reached the lamp on the nightstand, turning it off.

I continued licking her pussy. However, she rolled overturning the light back on. Causing me to lay back on the bed outside of her thighs. After turning the light back on she looked down and saw my erect state and straddled my face for her to commence 69 with her “husband”. She kept moaning and commenting on how big and hard I was and that it reminded her of when they were in high school dating. I was devouring her pussy, even started licking up her ass for a little rimming. That only seemed to make her more turned on. Suddenly her phone started to ring, my dad’s ringtone screaming at us. Causing my hot mom to realize she was not in 69 position with my dad. 

Therefore, snapping her head around, noticing it was me instead!

My hot and horny mom immediately panicked, trying to get off of me. I tried my best to keep her calm, explaining it will be our little secret. Mom was visibly upset as her eyes started to water. Confessing that my dad was her one and only lover. But during his deployment, it’s been hard on her only sexting and FaceTiming him. Then expressing how much she needs a warm cock inside of her pussy. At that moment my hot mom pushed me back on the bed becoming extremely passionate. She began kissing me deeply, the taste of her tongue on mine had me throbbing.  My hot mom was moaning the whole time as she started talking dirty to me. Blowing my mind and clearly giving in to her own desires.

Mom took my hands and placed them on her big tits as she started grinding down onto my hard cock.

It wasn’t long until mom guided my thick rod into her tight, wet pussy. My hot mom started riding me hard. Rolling her hips while asking me if I want mommy’s pussy to cum all over my cock. She had no idea how bad I wanted to make her cum. I began to suck on her nipples, squeezing that perfect ass, spanking mommy! My cock was so hard and ready to explode as I groaned, “Mom, I’m going to cum”.  She looked me in my eyes while riding me, screaming “cum with me Chris!” A second later dad’s ring tone blared out of Mom’s phone, making us both climax together! After we came my hot mom collapsed on top of my naked body.

Collecting herself, she told me not to go to fall asleep yet.

Mom was about to call my dad back, but after their call, she wanted more of my cock. Looks like this will be an erotic deployment for my hot mom and I.

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