I played with fire by not being on birth control so becoming a hot milky mommy should have been no surprise.

Regardless, I was a little shocked to see those two pink lines on the pregnancy test. Those unprotected nights of cum dumpster diving for sperm ended exactly how I really wanted. Finally, I’m the hot milky mommy of my own fantasies! The moment I got back home from the gyno, I stripped naked in front of the mirror to take a long look at my busting titties. I could imagine the creamy good stuck leaking from my nipples and I could not wait a second longer to fuck myself over the very thought. 

I didn’t even realize this was my kink until I did a mommy phone sex call with a regular who wanted to try something new. 

Off-topic but that’s truly one of the best things about this job. Finding out that you’re really super into a fetish by way of playing with someone else. I can’t even begin to list everything that was new to me once but now is in my regular rotation for the spank bank. But anyway..back to this particular situation at hand. 

Visions filled my mind of my giant titties leaking and dripping everywhere. 

However this is when it occurred to me that my fun whoring nights out had placed me in a sticky situation, yet again. Who is the father? Faces of men flashed through my mind as if I were riding Space Mountain at Disney World. I really had been extremely careless for weeks. To make matters worse, I was getting fucked so frequently that I couldn’t recall the date of my last period. “Jesus Christ, what pickle!”, I said to myself while squeezing my hot mommy milkers some more. 

Reaching down, I noticed something I had been told would happen upon getting pregnant but didn’t believe it until now. My pussy was sopping wet! I knew preggo sluts always supposedly had the juicy cunts. Even still, it was shocking to feel this river of moisture running from my loins. There was no need for lube for another 40 weeks. I made a mental note to cancel that Amazon subscription ASAP – all while still playing with myself.  Visualizing how sexy my bump would be within a few weeks. Hoping that maybe my bundle of joy would end up being bi-racial as well. 

I will get fucked and have my hot mommy milkers sucked dry. 

Again though, where is Daddy? Is he one of my married clients or a guy from the glory hole I had been frequenting. I may never know but for the next several months it was going to be me and this hot body doing whatever I want. 

I’m the hot milky mommy MILF of every man’s wet dream now. Saying this to myself made me cum harder than ever before, I could almost feel my cervix open up ready to take another fertile load to the tubes. Maybe once I pop this sweet brat out, I’ll just get pregnant all over again!

Hey, maybe MILF phone sex is my newest specialty! 😉



Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke