Hot married couple wasn’t how I was expecting my weekend to end up.

But what was a gorgeous blonde like me suppose to do?  I saw this hot married couple searching for their unicorn at a house party I was at. I usually never go to house parties alone, especially at a friend of a friend’s house but when my friend got a cold, I was in the mood to play after reading free erotic sex stories the night before. But I knew I was going to be leaving there with at least one hot load of cum leaking out of my tight little bald pussy. But I wasn’t expecting to get it licked out by his wife!

They did look like the ideal couple when I saw them. It didn’t take me long to notice them actually. Once I looked over by one of the patio couches, the wife, who I learned was named Sammy, stood up in a whimsical fashion and dashed over to me. Sammy commented on how my flower dress was so beautiful. She didn’t mention anything about how short it was. She also didn’t mention the one-shoulder definitely gave the vibes of what I was there for.  And she made me feel comfortable right away, and she asked if I wanted to meet her husband.

Her husband had a thick London accent, and normally I’m not one for accents but combined with his jet black hair, and sly smile and my panties were already wet.

We chatted the whole night about everything on our minds, and the hot married couple expressed how they wanted to add a number three to their bedtime routine. When I told them I was okay with it being a frequent thing as long as the fucking was good, Sammy took my hand and lead me upstairs. I remember thinking that she must have been close friends with the host to already know where the bedrooms are.

Her husband told us that he was just going to watch at first, and pulled out his already rock-hard cock. It was massive and I couldn’t wait to take it. Although I had an unusual amount of patience due to Sammy’s massive tits in my face. She had shiny nipple piercings just like me, and they were so much fun to suck on. I think I sucked on every inch of her body that night, and she did the same thing to me. We were in a world of ecstasy when her husband finally decided to join in.

His huge cock felt so good while he rubbed against my clit.

I loved threesomes like this. Threesomes, where you are the guest, are amazing! Everyone’s attention is on you and this hot married couple was no exception. She ate me out until I was dripping down her face. I had her husband pounding me making me beg for it harder. “Harder” was about the only word I could muster while I was getting a good fucking in a perfect threesome situation. It turns out the fucking was good, and I would definitely be doing it again this weekend!

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