Do you have a lipstick fetish?

My luscious lips do nothing more than make you think of all your lipstick fetish fantasies. I know they do. So let me make them all a phone sex reality. Close your eyes and think about me, don’t think about what I am wearing, that doesn’t really matter, does it? Think about me starting in my small compact mirror and applying my favorite red lipstick. Pressing my lips together and making sure they look perfect for you. Then I close the mirror and it’s time to play!

I get on my knees as your pants are already down your ankles. Your cock is rock hard and ready. I start nice and slow by gently kissing your balls leaving you lip prints all over them. Then, I stick my tongue out to run it all the way up the shaft of your cock till I reach the tip of it. Look down and watch me take the big head of your cock into my mouth, but you can’t ruin my lipstick just yet. I open my mouth wide open and take your cock down my throat. When the tip of it hits the back of my throat I pressed my lips right around the shaft and drag them up and down.

You love that, don’t you? Your dick is a red mess! My lipstick is smeared on your cock as you suddenly take control and start to face fuck me. Hold my head and go deeper into my mouth. When you finally pull it out you take the tip of your dick and pressed it right up against my lips. A perfect lip print appears on your big cock head and you are ready to watch me take your creamy load all over my pretty little face.

Let’s have some fetish phonesex!
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