Two Hot Lesbians Away At Camp

Two hot lesbians is just what a church camp needs, doesn’t it? Well, that’s not exactly what the counselors thought we were. Fortunately for Marie and I, no one ever suspected anything. I met her there, at the church camp my parents sent me for being “bad”. It was an all girl camp and I thought I was going to hate it. I made friends fairly easy but when I saw Marie, I just couldn’t resist.

Marie was definitely way hotter than everyone else. She had the fullest teen tits I had ever seen. I loved the way they bounced. She had pale skin and always smelled fruity. That is obviously a big plus for me. She was very bold. She was the one that pretty much came on to me. It was one night and we were all playing truth or dare. Most of the dares were kind of childish but it was that, or try to sleep. Marie dared me to suck on one of her tits. I DID! Her pink small nipple got really hard in my mouth. I loved it.

Later that night she came into my bed. Everyone was already asleep and it was about to be morning. We fooled around in bed. Then we decided to take the party outside. We geared up like if we were going to go jogging. Surprise, surprise, pussy was on our minds. We had taken a small blanket with us and laid it in the middle of nowhere. We got completely naked and started making out. I loved feeling her soft skin against mine.

Once our teen cunts were soaking wet she laid me on my back. She pushed my legs up and started licking me till I came. I tasted my juices right off her mouth and then ate her pussy till I tasted her sweet cream.


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