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Couch surfing: Hot Lesbian Sex Confessional


My lesbian sex confessional stars my girlfriend Stacy. She is so sexy nice pouty lips a tight little ass and wonderful green eyes and a natural brunette. Stacy and I had been dating for a few weeks at the time and I wanted to finally break our pretty pink bubble and hear her make all those sweet sexy sounds. I had her come over one night and I made us a wonderful dinner. She turned me on so much I was already getting excited.

The Build-up was driving me insane I couldn’t wait till dinner was over I needed to start my lesbian sex confessional

After dinner, it was time to make a move as we were curled up on the couch. Cupping a finger under her chin and kissed her softly. I began to be a little bit firmer as she kissed me back Running my hands down her shoulders I had slightly hesitated but then slid them under her shirt around her waist. Pulling Stacy on top of me and she straddles me our kisses left me breathless. I reached under her skirt to find that sexy little minx had on no panties. Biting my lip and ran a finger slowly over her slit.

She left out the softest moan. I flipped her onto the couch and lifted up her leg. Starting at her ankle I looked her in those beautiful eyes and began to kiss her softly moving down her leg. Once I got to her thigh I licked in a small circle flicking and rolling my tongue and just really tasting it. I heard her breath hitch. Stacy was squirming just begging me to continue down.  I ran my tongue over her slit a few times. I began to push my tongue between her folds swirling and flicking. Her hips starting to move trying to pull me in deeper to her sweet pussy. I started to suck on her clit and slowly fingering her, she was so damn wet.

Pressing my finger up and stroking her g spot slowly was driving Stacy absolutely mad. This Lebian sex confessional of mine still makes me wet thinking of it. Quickly stopping and hearing a disappointed little sound from my beautiful Stacy made me smile. It was time to take her to the bedroom.

I lead Stacy into my bedroom and pushed her onto the bed…


Both of us laid back our arms wrapped around one another. She kissed my neck and moved lower gently nibbled on my breast pulling my nipple in her mouth and sucking. She used her other hand to tweak and play with the other on.  That Sexy Minx slid between my legs and spread them wide. Stacy licked softly on my folds and pushed her tongue deep and began to slide her wet pink tongue in and out of my tight pussy.

She told me to flip over and spread my legs further. Her lips kissed down my back and over my ass cheeks. Stacy gave a playful slap and then jiggled them. Her wet tongue making cool wet trails on my skin she dragged it to my tight little asshole. Suddenly she flicked her tongue over it a buried in my asshole.  Sliding it in and out and fingering my wet hole as she did so.  My legs began to shake and I let out a loud cry of passion as Stacy had me come hard.

It was time to make my girl cum so hard…

I stood up and left Stacy on the bed and grabbed my strap on. Adjusting the hot pink 8-inch dildo and grabbed her by her legs pulling her closer.  Aiming the tip of my plaything at her entrance and slammed it into her. I pounded and pound her like that while rubbing her cute little button of a clit until she came. I pulled out and flipped her over with her cute ass in the air and slammed my cock back in her pussy, pulling her hair I smacked her ass as I pounded her into the mattress. Her legs shook as she came again.  I could barely stand and nearly fell over. All things considered, this hot first night will always be my favorite lesbian sex confession.


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