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It’s something that still till this day gets me wanting a repeat. My tennis instructor spent some time teaching me one on one and showed me way more than playing a sport. As a result, one day, we were alone, and she instructed me on how to release stress so that I could play better. Her question about masturbating stopped me in my tracks, but it escalated from there on fast. I admit to my instructor, I don’t masturbate, and she tells me it’s time to start. She begins to set up the perfect scene for us in her private office. My instructor commands me to drop my tennis outfit and my panties and bra. She tells me she wants me completely naked and starts to have some Hot Lesbian Fun with me.

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After all, I’m so curious, and under her spell that I begin to get lost in a trance. I feel her brush up against me and start to explore my body. It feels so good to follow her orders. The best feeling in the world is her fingers rubbing my clit. It all happens so quickly that she even gets a little naughtier with me and teaches me not to orgasm so fast. My instructor starts to edge me and control my orgasms until I’m shaking and begging for her to let me cum. Eventually, she allows me to have it and makes me a forever fan of Hot Lesbian Fun forever. From that day forward, I’m up to show all my friends all that I know.

Besides, sharing is caring, and since I know a thing or two about what makes a girl cum hard, it is only right I give others that insight as well.

My cousin is similar to me.

More like who I once was—a naive, sweet girl with little to no knowledge on her body. My cousin is a petite brunette with a banging body. Although she’s a total knockout, I realize she hasn’t had much experience with the boys. My cousin doesn’t know how to use her femininity to get what she wants. Without a doubt, she gets plenty of guys that have an interest in her, but she’s so shy she puts a damper on things. I come up with a plan to show her all the possibilities she has and how to be more like her older cousin. A Spoiled Bratty Slut knows how to dominate. I let her know its time she learns all my tricks and tips in Hot Lesbian Fun. I know it will help her achieve the ability to be comfortable with herself. Also, it will render some spontaneous fun.

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I let her in on all the Hot Lesbian Fun that gets her in touch with her body. My sexy little cousin goes wild for some hot, incest lesbian scissoring play. I teach her how to rub one out and how to cum hard. I share my toys with her and tell her all about which ones will make her explode. She’s quivering and shaking like I was with my tennis instructor a few years back. It’s a bonding experience and the best way to make her more in tune with her body. After our fun together, we don’t stop, soon after we invite guys and other girls to play and push the envelope even more.

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