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He is tall and super delicious- especially when I strip him out of his scrubs and get down on my hands and knees. I could tell his cum filled dick would be big, but not this big. He literally has a third leg in between his legs. I know he must not get a chance to drain it as often as it needs to be.

My hands guide him into my teen mouth, pushing him in and wrapping my lips around his thick shaft.

He has a monster! Being my mom’s superior, he is for sure going to be mine also. I listen to his commands trying to obey every single one of them. He makes a long deep thrust down my throat while he wraps my blond hair around his knuckles. I take him down my throat, choking on him. This hot hospital sex is making me dripping wet. He picks my tiny body up and lays me down. That cock is not going to be able to fit inside my sexy little fuck hole. He is going to have to force it into me. He rubs that thick and juicy head against my little slit. My pussy is trying so hard not to squirt since he is not even inside of me yet! I wrap my legs around his waist forcing him to just push it into my teen fuck hole.

My pussy is in heaven as he stretches my pink hole open around his dick.

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I beg him as he relentlessly slams himself harder and faster into me.  

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