High School Sex Stories: I Know How To Get An A+

High School Sex Stories with Mr. Smith! Mr. Smith was a young, and handsome teacher. I loved his class, just like all my other girlfriends did. He had a very peculiar way of standing when a student called him over for help. He would lean a bit too much, but I didn’t care. Every time I would call him over he would give me a smirk, just like he knew I was probably faking I didn’t understand the lesson. This one is by far one of my favorite high school sex stories.

One day I was just tired and I decided to put on a show for him. I sat on the very first row and I took my panties before the class started. I was wearing my plaid school skirt only. Bare pussy, front, and center just for him. He was giving a lesson on something I did not care, but as soon as I opened my legs, I could see that smirk of his peeking through the seriousness. I had my legs slightly open, just enough for him to see my juicy pussy lips. The excitement made me so wet, my pussy was dripping. I slid my hand down and start caressing my thighs. Nice and slow. Giving him a nice show.

Then, when he least expected it, I started playing with my pussy lips with my fingertips. Just teasing myself.

When the class was about to end I started to finger my pussy. Sliding my fingers in and out of my tight pink hole. Nice and slow. Reaching almost an orgasm every time but stopping myself. I was going to save that for Mr. Smith. Everyone walked out but me. He closed the door and didn’t say a word. He grabbed me by my arm guiding towards his desk. There, he picked me up and sat me on top of all the papers he had to grade. He slid his fingers inside me, in and out, faster each time. I came so much on his hand almost immediately. Dripping all my juices on all classmates papers.

I am a great student, especially in Mr. Smith’s class. There, all I have to do is stay after class and show him what I have been working on. There, I always get an A plus.

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