Me And A Hot Guy Cum Together On A Bus During Rush Hour

I love cum! Ugh, I got stuck on the bus during rush hour and no one offered me their seat. I ended up standing in the middle of the crowd and holding onto the pole, trying not to touch anyone. It was so crowded though that I kept knocking into the person behind me every time the bus moved. It got embarrassing and I looked over my shoulder to apologize and I saw this super cute guy standing there. His face was red and he looked embarrassed like I had caught him doing something bad.

It was a bit weird and I turned away without saying anything so I could figure out what he was doing back there. The bus lurched again and when I touched him I knew what was going on. My ass was rubbing right against his dick and he was getting turned on by it.
   I pushed my ass back slightly, forcing myself on him and felt a small bulge. I rubbed my ass on him. Trying to discreetly go faster while everyone around me tried to avoid eye contact with each other. I went up and down, feeling that bulge get a bit bigger and wished I could fuck him right there as my pussy started to get wet. A little moan slipped out of him and I felt his hand go around my waist and hold me while his hips pushed forward.

He rubbed against me hard and I could hear him breathing heavy behind me until his fingers pressed into me and he froze.

I knew he had just cum in his pants and would be going into the office all wet and messy. Ha, he’d be thinking of me all day now. I expected him to stop touching me but instead, his hand popped open the button on my jeans and slipped down my waistband. The zipper stretched open and it sounded so loud even though I knew it really wasn’t and I looked at the people around me surprised that no one was calling us out.
His fingers felt cold as they pressed against my lips and I parted my legs just enough to let him push inside, I closed my legs around him and he started to move his fingers back and forth in a ‘come here’ motion. I bit my lip and tried to act casual as I got wetter and felt my face get hot. The bus stopped hard and it made him rock back, causing his fingers to go in deeper. I let out a loud groan and the woman beside me looked at me. “Sorry, I wasn’t expecting that,” I said, hoping I didn’t sound too stupid.
She looked away without saying anything and a second later the fingers started moving again. Going faster as more of my juices covered them. I kept holding the pole with one hand and slid my other hand down, making it look like I was holding my jack shut when really I was pressing him into me. I felt myself tighten and closed my eyes, swallowing a cry as I came.

The fingers slid out of me and I re-did my jeans as pussy juices soaked into my panties.

I decided to take them off when I got to work and leave them on top of the garbage for the janitor to find and wonder about. When the bus stopped I got off. Didn’t bother looking back at the guy who had given me my first orgasm of the day.

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