Our family is always busy. Everyone has their own stuff going on so making time to play can be complicated. In the good old days when my kids were young, it was so simple. Now, everyone is grown, has their own kids and they have their busy lives. I am a happy woman with a fantastic family. All my family is awesome. Of course, we always make time for some hot granny incest.

As the mom, you get way more incest sex, that is for sure. My husband and I having so much fun with the kids. Our Incestuous Family-Play was awesome! The kids and I play all the time with each other as the hubby is on the road most of the time. When it came time for our daughter to become a big girl, she wanted Daddy there. He, of course, is on top of the world for their special moment.

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Now, I not only play with the kids, but I also get to play with the grandkids. Of course, they are younger and the details are pretty taboo. I am afraid those details are saved for calls only. My GILF Phone Sex is amazing because we can discuss all that dirty fun I am having with them. Even the youngest of the kids. Trust me, your dick will be hard the moment we start the call.

A lot of my callers enjoy my real-life stories. Whether it is my childhood, my kid’s childhood, or my grandkid’s current childhood, I am happy to share these stories with you. Everyone is curious to know how it starts, how it happens, how it continues, and so forth. In our family, we are all quite happy with all of our fun and hot granny incest.

There isn’t anyone that isn’t happy.

I love reliving all the amazing moments of incest. My memories are exquisite. My grandfather’s amazing huge cock in my tiny hands, seeing my brother learn about sex with my parents, watching my grandmother teach a hot teen boy what a real blow job is. Then seeing my husband getting to experience the fun with our kids and their enjoyment with their father.

All of it, absolutely amazing and beautiful. Then, he found like-minded men he could share these times with. It is rare for that to happen is our tiny world of incest. We keep things private for fear of other’s judgment. Not everyone is okay with our world. I don’t give a fuck what others think, but they can make trouble for a family like mine. We are a happy clan, so the rest of the world can shove it.

Tonight, everyone is coming over to play!

As my family is arriving we are all hugging and happy to see each other. I have an amazing meal waiting and we sit down to eat. The kids are chattering away about their day. I love hearing them talk with excitement. I love my grandkids so much. After we have eaten we get things cleaned up and are sitting in the living room chatting while the kids play for a bit.

My neighbors come over to chat for a while. Their kids are outside playing with our kids and having fun. It is a gorgeous night and we move to sit outside on the deck. Watching the moon come up and the kids play, it is nice outside. My neighbor brings over some wine for us to try. It is yummy as we are drinking it and talking away.

As it gets late the neighbor and their kids head inside.

As we adults are getting a buzz. I start kissing my daughter-in-law and feeling her beautiful tits. She in return is feeling my body and rubbing my pussy. Soon, the kids come in and we all move to the pallets laid out in the family room. In no time at all our clothes are off and we are all making out with each other. I love being with my family sexually. Of course, as I said earlier, some of it is too taboo for here in the blog.

If you are enjoying this and want those really naughty details, call me and we can go over them. I can tell you all about that night of hot granny incest.

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