Tonight, I’m giving my daddy a hot foot job, I hope my mommy doesn’t notice how naughty we are getting under the covers!

Daddy and I are tucked under the blankets on the same couch while mommy is on the other couch. She has no idea that under these covers, my feet are grazing up and down my daddy’s cock through his pants. He is getting so hard feeling my feet pressed up against his crotch. Daddy reaches down and undoes his pants, pulling that thick cock out. I love having a conversation with mommy while my daddy’s fuck stick is getting stroked up and down in between my feet.  My pretty little soft feet rub against that thick muscle under his cock. He even looks down under the blankets to see my sexy little pink toes scrunching up as I rub them all over his shaft. Daddy is getting a hot foot job while mommy sits in oblivion. His cock feels so good in between my feet!

Since mommy does not take good care of this daddy meat, I will. I love to take good care of him.

I squeeze my feet tighter around his cock and start to stroke him faster up and down. Those big fat balls are full of sperm. I put my toes on his cock head and I can feel his pre-cum leaking on my toes. Forcing his dick head in between my toes on one foot, and my other foot going under his balls. They rest on the top of my foot while I push them around with my soft soles. I think daddy is really liking this hot foot job. Reaching under the blankets, I make eye contact with daddy. My fingers go into my PJ shorts and I start rubbing my hard little clit.  I’m so horny rubbing my dad’s cock with my feet. He sees that I am being naughty! My fingers start to stretch my pussy open. Daddy can not take it.

I feel him reach under the blankets on my side and push my hand out of the way. 

He certainly makes his way to my pussy quickly! I do not stop stroking his cock in between my feet now that he is parting my silky smooth pink pussy lips open with his fingers. Of course, I can not help but to get soaking wet and almost cum right on his fingers! He looks at my face and can tell I am close. He goes harder and deeper making it very noticeable to my mommy. She is so dumb and does not even know that daddy is going to make his little girl squirt uncontrollably! This hot foot job is indeed getting really intense. I can not hold back! Oh gosh, I am cumming! I try to contain my moans and face in order for me not to draw attention to myself. Mommy cannot find out. His fingers are now soaking wet from my juices.

Finally, it is time to get this hot cum out of my daddy’s fuck stick. It needs to soak my feet in all of his nut juice!

Next, I squeeze my feet around his cock a bit harder. Here he cums! I can feel his sperm busting out of this swollen head of his. It is spitting ropy hot jizz all over my feet. I bet daddy is going to want me to secretly give him hot foot jobs more often. Now that my feet are soaking wet, I wonder how I am going to get up after this movie ends. I look over to my mommy and she is fast asleep. Without missing a beat I lean down to daddy’s lap. I am going to eat all the leftovers right up!

I love sneaking around right in front of mommy and even my daddy. He doesn’t know that my brother and I had the hottest public park sex the week before. Next, I will have to give him a hot foot job behind my daddy’s back. I love getting both of their cum loads! Nothing makes me hotter or happier.

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