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There’s just something really hot about a naughty food fetish fuck! I see the way you’re looking my tight young teen body up and down when I reach for the whipped cream. You’re following me around like a horny little puppy dog as I reach for the strawberries. I can tell that you’re undressing me with your eyes. Are you having dirty thoughts about me and using this food on me? The big fat bulge in the front of your pants is pretty obvious, be careful or the whole grocery store is going to find out what a pervert you are.

Leaning over, I whisper into your ear that I can tell you’re craving a food fetish fuck. Let’s get out of here before my parents notice that I took off. Slipping into the seat next to you in your convertible, I slide my hand up your right thigh. Feel my soft hand squeeze your rock hard cock right through your pants. Your cock is throbbing and twitching against my fingers and there’s a wet spot that’s getting bigger by the minute. Should I take your cock out for you?

I slide your zipper down and don’t even have to reach in to take your cock out. It pops right out and starts bobbing up and down in the air with excitement. There’s so much pre-cum dripping out for me already. I was just gonna stroke it, but now I can’t resist having a little taste. Just to show you how much I’m looking forward to having a hot food fetish fuck with you, I reach for the whipped cream. Your eyes get so huge when I spray a little on your cock and lean forward for a taste.

Watch as my wet pink tongue slowly swirls around your cock head, lapping up that whipped cream.

Don’t cum yet. I can feel how hard you’re struggling to hold back as you rush towards your house. Just think of all the fun we’re going to have once you get my tight teen exhibitionist body naked and spread out on your bed. It’ll be worth the momentary blue balls, trust me. Pushing your cock back into your pants when it’s that hard isn’t easy but I finally manage to get you zipped back up just in time. You barely remember to lock your car you’re in such a rush.

Grabbing my hand, you unlock the door, quickly lock it behind us and lead me up the stairs. Before I even have a chance to catch my breath before I see my clothes hit the floor and feel your big soft bed against my bare skin. Your clothes hit the floor next and I hear a soft whoosh as you start to spray that whipped cream onto my tight naked body. The coolness of it makes my nipples so hard they stick right up and I can feel my pussy start to get even wetter.

Next, you take some strawberries and start to place them on top of the whipped cream. Wow, you really do seriously want a hot food fetish fuck to the extreme tonight, don’t you? Why are you putting a strawberry halfway inside my pussy though? Omg, you’re going to eat it out of me when you work your way down my body, aren’t you? Now I’m way hornier! I can’t believe how erotic this is. I swear I’ll never be able to look at strawberries and whipped cream the same way ever again.

The feel of your tongue licking that whipped cream off my nipples is driving me crazy!

You take your time, slowly licking and teasing as you work your way down my body. When you get to my thighs and slowly start to eat that strawberry out of my pussy I can’t help but cum all over your face! I’ve never been so turned on in my life. Please fuck me right now! I need to feel your cock buried deep inside of me. Spraying some whipped cream into my mouth you lean down to french kiss me and finally thrust your cock balls deep inside of my pussy.

Your cock is so big and thick that it’s hitting all my sensitive spots at once. It doesn’t take me long to cum again and again. I have so many orgasms that I lost count before you shoot a massive sticky hot load of cum deep inside of me.

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