Hot Feet Worship is addictive and so satisfying for me, especially when I get to tease and rub up on a cock just how I like.

He has been lusting over me for some time now. We have been friends but I can always tell he wants more. What can I say, I purposely like getting his attention and teasing him. Whenever he is around I purposely wear provocitive clothing, showing off my tits and my ass. I bend over a second to long and am always super touchy with him. He’s wanting me, I know it by looking down at his cock. He can not help the boner that pops out through his pants. He is eager to get relief from me. We are on the couch, you know netflixing and chilling.  Right now would so be a good time to have Hot Feet Worship sex with him. I bet it will make him go so crazy. His cum will be shooting hard out of his cock by the time I am done with him.

My feet are in his lap and I can tell he is doing everything trying not to pop a boner under my sexy little soles.

I look at him as he tries to ignore me and I start to rub my feet against his cock through his pants. He automatically thrusts into my feet and grows hard instantly. “Take it out.” He can not believe the words I am saying, it turns my little twat on so much. I start rubbing my pussy with my fingers. His bare cock is out and it is already assuming the position between my arches. Hot Feet Worship fucking is what this cock so desperately needs, and I am going to give it to him. I slide my feet up and down, spreading my softness all down his bulging veins and up to his thick muscle. His head rocks back as he enjoys me touching him. Skin to skin. His body has been hungry for me. That cock head is juicy and full of hot and sticky nut.

 The more he takes my feet sliding up and down him, the faster I rub my twat.

My little pussy is wanting to cum and I can not control it much longer. He looks at me as I finally make my pussy squirt down my thighs. My feet get tighter around his cock and he is trying to trap that load in his cock. Little does he know this is all he is getting from me! ” Hot Feet Worship, babe- that is all you get from me.” His cock expands and flexes between my feet. “Fuck my feet, I want to make you cum all over my feet. Don’t resist it, let that cock cum for me.” I am sure it is a little embarrassing for him to worship my feet how he is. I make him weak so easily. I take one of my toes and pop them up to his face. He looks at my foot and worships it with his mouth, kissing all over.

Finally, he is going to let me take his cum right out of that cock, not like it was a hard effort by any means.

I squeeze him in between my feet once more and bounce him in and out. His cock pop up between my feet and slides all the way to his base. His cum is starting to shoot out and cover my feet, soaking them. Hot Feet Worship has got them now moisturized and silky smooth. I am sure I just opened up a doorway for him wanting more with me and that is fine. I will make him work for it. However, I am going to need a lot more jizz all over my feet. After all, sperm is the most hydrating thing for your skin. We will have to see where else I will let him bust a nut out at. I am pretty sure he could never handle my holes judging by how quickly my feet alone got him off. Practice will so make perfect!

This Hot Feet Worship sesh was amazing. My slippery slender slit for sure felt so good while he worshiped my silky little feet.

If you are new to this and wondering how to have phone sex, do not worry I would love to show you how! Cum play with me so that I can make you feel good!



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