The Hot Facesitting Session Of My Dreams!

I’ve got a thing for Daddy, you all know that. My ultimate fantasy was a hot facesitting session but how would I even bring it up. Good thing I knew exactly how to get him right under me. Writing a sexy note pretending to be my mom was my plan to finally get what I want it. The day of it, I knew mom was not going to be home so Daddy was going to be all for me.

The naughty note only read instructions for him to get completely naked and blindfold himself. I was obviously going to do more than that. When I walked into his bedroom he was doing exactly as the note said but waiting for my mom. I tied him up to the bedposts without saying a word as he talked about how much he missed the naughty things they used to do. When I was done and I knew he couldn’t move I revealed myself to him.

He was surprised of course. But as soon as he saw me climb the bed in only my high socks his cock was immediately hard. He asked me what I was doing thinking I would ride his big Daddy cock but that wasn’t the case. I planted my nice round ass on his face and soon enough he was loving it. A must of ridden his face for at least an hour. I came over and over again with Daddy’s tongue deep in my tight asshole. I squirted all over his chest and used my juices to jerk off his cock. Leaning forward with my ass still on his face I stroked his dick and he came all over himself.

I watched Daddy’s cock explode. Shooting ropes of cum straight into the air and covering himself with it. I kept grinding myself on his face and felt his hands squeeze my ass as he took some last licks. Turns out I didn’t tie him good enough and Daddy was just enjoying the ride.
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