Cum Fetish: Dirty whore loves to swallow strangers cum

I have always had a cum fetish. The idea of men shooting their big load on my face, down my throat, or different parts of my body. Just drive me fucking insane. I need cum like I need air to breathe. I just get the urge and I know I have to suck a dick and have him bust on my face. It is a blessing and a curse to have a huge cum fetish. I remember I was out shopping and I saw this really sexy buff looking man.

My pussy instantly got wet and I knew I needed to taste him. I walked closer to him to get his attention. He looked at me and smiled. I was wearing my green mid-thigh length dress that had lace around my boob area. Men really loved that dress. It had collected so much cum over the time I owned it. I gave him a little smile and a wink.

I watched him as he finished shopping making me wetter at every move he made. He started to walk towards the parking lot and I quietly followed behind. He unlocked his car with his automatic button and opened his trunk. I sneaked to the side of his car and quietly got into the passenger seat. He walked over to the driver side and jumped a little when he saw me.

Did I mention I had my legs spread rubbing my pussy?

I was hoping he wouldn’t tell me to get out and he didn’t. He just reached over and stuck his fingers inside of my pussy and started fingering me so hard I came all over his hand. Bending over I pulled out his big cock and started sucking like my life depended on it, I fucking love that he was uncircumcised I pulled his extra skin back with my mouth.

I kept sucking deep and hard until I tasted his sweet pre-cum. slurping it all up like it was a nice glass of cold water on a hot Florida day. I wanted more. needing his whole load. putting my whole mouth down on his cock and kept it there gaging. While I massaged his balls. He moaned so loud and I knew it was time. I felt his hot sexy load of cum shoot down my throat it tasted so fucking good. I thanked him, got out of his car, and headed back inside.

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