How hard is it to have some hot cum control?

I know you are so used to getting your way, and doing what you like. But you are under my complete misery. I think hot cum control is the perfect way to make you last longer too! You know that is my biggest pet peeve with you when we fool around. If you want me to stop sleeping with our neighbors then you really have to put in some effort as well. I know this won’t be painless but I think it will be more than worth it once we are done playing.

I gesture you into the bedroom and push you on the bed. Then, I get up and disappear from the room for a few minutes leaving you in suspension. When I finally re-appear I have on a black boned corset with a heart-shaped necklace that fits perfectly around my 34 B cups. The corset has a lace overlay and has a garter belt that connects to matching black stockings. The whole outfit is complemented by my very tall six-inch stilettos. Words don’t leave your mouth. You just stare at me from head to toe, and finally, notice the toy bag I also brought into the room.

“All these toys are going to make for a hot cum control session!” I giggle while you are laying down on the bed, clearly stunned.

You can’t see what type of sex toys are in my bag, just that there are quite a few. Then, I come over to you and start to slowly take off your shirt. Every time my nails lightly scrape against you, it sends a shiver down your spine. Once you are completely undressed the real fun begins. I put my silk blindfold over your eyes, and I tie each of your hands to the base of the bed very securely.

I give your hands a yank for good measure to make sure my knots wouldn’t give in to some pulling. Then, I start to massage your cock up and down. It was already pretty hard. But I want your cock to be throbbing. Once I got it really hard just by jerking it up and down, I knew I had to taste it. Your pre-cum was already rolling down your shaft in little white gooey clumps which I used my tongue to slowly lick up. I took a moment to savor the taste in my mouth. I loved how excited it made me.

Then, I pull out a pinwheel and I carefully start to run it all the way down your body starting at your chest down to your feet. I use it to carefully go over the soles of your feet and I can feel you tense up. You are close to cumming and then I just pull away. You look so helpless. Then, you start begging for me to let you cum but we had just begun this hot cum control session. You are going to have a long night with me.

Don’t worry. I will take care of you.

Then, I go digging through my black bag and I pull out a portable milking machine. It’s your first time ever seeing one in person before, so you are a mix of curious and very nervous. So I put the fleshlight sheath on you and then I turn it on the lowest setting and it sounds like it’s slowly milking your cock up and down. Your moans fill the whole room up, and it starts to get my pussy dripping wet. I slowly turn the dial-up, and I watch how you react.

This is turning out to be a hot cum control session! Your legs start quivering when I turn down the machine. I can tell how bad you want to come, but I love making you sweat. I turn the milking machine up to the highest level possible and watch you start to violently shake. Then I step back and look at what I created – a perfect cum slut. You want to come so badly, and the machine doesn’t stop. I give you one more glance over and kiss your forehead. “Enjoy the next five hours or until it runs out of battery!” I say as I prance out of the room.

Call me for some taboo phone sex with toys!


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke