Hot College Girls: Fingers and tongues were dancing across clits and sliding into wet holes.

Hot College Girls: Melissa stood up and grabbed Angie’s beautiful big tits and started to lick the tips of her nipples. Back and forth, she ran her tongue over each one. Amy and I had begun to rub our pussies through our pants without even realizing what we were doing. As things heated up between Melissa and Angie, Amy and I decided to experiment a little too. We got braver and before we knew it we were all naked lying in a circle playing with a hot wet pussy. Fingers and tongues were dancing across clits and sliding into wet holes.

Melissa, the lesbian, kept encouraging us and telling us to do more and more. Angie was the first to start cumming. Melissa had her fingers buried deep inside of her while sucking on her sensitive and swollen clit. She exploded all over her face and Melissa was quick to lap up every drop. This encouraged us even more as we all wanted our turn to orgasm. One by one we were all finished off and trying to catch our breath. Our study sessions were never the same after that.

It was always the four of us. We didn’t all become lesbians after that. Angie did but Amy and I enjoyed cock a little too much to give it up. Just goes to show though, not all study sessions are boring and not all hot college girls have to be drunk to have a naughty time! Speaking of naughty times, give me a call and I’ll tell you about some more of my college fun while we have some hot ass phone sex!

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