Hot College Girls: What started out as studying turned into one hell of a hot lesbian sex story

Most stories about hot college girls have to do with drinking, getting stupid, frat parties, etc. Mine, however, happened while I was in nursing school. It didn’t involve alcohol, a party or even guys for that matter. We were actually being pretty responsible. There was a big anatomy test coming up and a few of my classmates and I set up a study session at my apartment. There were four of us in all. What started out as studying turned into one hell of a hot lesbian sex story.

We were studying as planned but one of the girls, Amy, just wasn’t getting it. After taking a little break we figured out that she was more of a visual learner than the rest of us. I had never been with another girl at this point but Melissa, one of the other girls that were studying with us, was a lesbian. She suggested we use one of our bodies as a visual to help the other girl study. When you have a bunch of hot college girls stripping down in one room something besides studying is bound to happen.

Angie, the fourth girl, volunteered to be the visual subject. At first, we stayed serious. But then Melissa started to comment on how hot Angie was. It started as little comments about her round ass then her perky tits. Melissa started asking us all questions about if we had ever been with another girl. Only Amy had tried it once with her boyfriend and it was a pretty awkward situation so she never tried it again. That’s when things started to get interesting…..

Stay tuned for Part Two of My Hot College Girls Nursing Study Session!


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