In addition to being a hot college girl on campus, I happened to be pretty good at the books too.  Excelling in my college courses and while also offering to tutor those who needed a little extra help.   Therefore it was no big surprise when I had several guys from different athletic departments,  from football to track seeking my help with tutoring.  So, when my professor and the baseball coach cornered me outside of class to help their star pitcher meet the requirement for the class, I was intrigued.

Professor Mcgraft and Coach Jones expressed their concern about their star baseball player.   They both stated that he was in danger of losing backing for his athletic scholarship.  He was in desperate need of tutoring to bring his grades up to university’s requirements.   Coach Jones advised me that he would be paying me in advance for the tutoring. He assured me he would make sure I had everything I need to help the student succeed.  After the coach peeled off enough hundred dollar bills to tutor 10 students, I accepted and took the student’s info.  After leaving the campus, I headed home to contact my new student.

Hot college girl meets the jock she is tutoring

I reached home, showered, and then grabbed my calendar and phone to set up our first tutoring session.   He answered the phone quickly.  I never even heard it ring on my end. It was as if he had been expecting a call already.  After hearing his voice I introduced myself to him as his new tutor.   I could hear his smile through the phone as he said, “I hope you are a hot college girl”.   I ignored his flirtation and gave him my available hours for tutoring.   However, I had to admit his voice was sexy and his flirting let me know how cocky he was.   I continued to ignore his flirting and we agreed to meet at my house the following day.   I advised him to be prompt.

So that day, I got out of class early and headed home to prepare for my new student.   I got home in enough time to shower and have a bit of lunch before he got there.  Just as I am finishing my lunch I hear the knock on the door.   I put the dishes in the dishwasher and opened the door.   There he stood, smiling like a Cheshire cat and looking me up and down.  I could tell he liked the hot college girl that stood before him.  I also knew that he was probably used to girls drooling all over him, but that was not definitely happening today.  We had a job to do and failing was not an option. So I invited him in so we could get right to work.

We began to study!

My focus for today is to get an idea of his studying style and how he retained information.   After a few hours, I realized that he needs to be stimulated in order to make things stick.   My job would be to tailor his lessons to things he was interested in, which only seemed to be sports and sex.  Being that I was paid handsomely to help him, I was willing to use all methods.  Besides, there was a quiz in that class the next day and I wanted him to pass with flying colors.  But damn, he was dumb as a box of bricks.   I tried everything to help him absorb the info for the quiz, from baseball to football.   Frustrated, I excused myself and went to the bedroom to recollect my composure.   I took a puff of my bong, reapplied my lipstick and went back to him.

I had a new plan!

He watched me walk out of the bedroom and over to our study area, my kitchen table.  “Get on your knees” I commanded.  Licking his lips, he did as he was told.   I sat in the chair in front of him with my knees together and asked, ” Would you like to whats’s under this skirt?” His bobbed his head up and down to say yes.   I demanded that he give me the answer to the quiz question before showing him.   He rattled off the correct answer quickly, so I parted my thighs.   “Good boy”, I told him as I patted him on the head.

“You want to remove these panties?”, I asked but I already knew the answer.  Well, let’s just say that this kinky phone slut found a new way of tutoring.

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kinky phone slut