My Friend’s Cousin is a Hot College Girl With So Much Beauty!

So, why would a hot college girl like Ashley need to take things from a store? Ashley had so much potential and life to look forward to. However, girls will be girls. Ashley started hanging out with the wrong crowd, a crowd of people who were not good for a girl of her disposition.

My friend is so many things. She’s smart, witty, and a pretty alluring sugar mommy to boot. So, Ashley loved going into different shops to find the latest fashion.

So was it the satin or the colors?

There were many dresses to choose from, so many panties, all that lingerie.    Of course, money cannot buy it all, though it sure helps to buy the things that one needs.

Ashley had slowly been taking things. At first, it was so little that no one noticed or so she thought. Sometimes it was a piece of jewelry, some panties, a bra, or leggings. Then it started to form into something more. Taking things almost became like a sadistic game.

In addition to the merch she got, Ashley got this intense rush that turned her on during the act of snagging the items. So, one day she was in a high-end boutique. She had grabbed an expensive pair of leggings and panties and stuffed them down her shorts.

The hot college girl finally got caught.

It was not so surprising when Ashley finally got caught with the merchandise.  Ashley stuffed a pair of pink panties and a bra down her shorts.  It was pretty obvious.

The shop owner came out from the back and went to the door and turned on the closed sign. Next, he pulled down the shades so that no one would see from the outside.

The owner asked to see the items and that he had proof that she had put them down in her shorts. Ashley was told that the police would be called and she could face a harsh punishment.

The hot college girl started to shiver.

Ashley had never been caught till now.  Then Ashley started to cry to get her way out of the punishment that awaited her. There was no way Ashley was going to go down without trying.

The owner couldn’t stop looking at her hot body. The hot college girl had it all.  She had beauty, decent-sized tits, a round ass, and long legs. He could only imagine what that sweet young pussy looked like under the clothes.

After so much crying, he finally sighed and told Ashley that maybe it was a little misunderstanding and that perhaps an arrangement could be made. She agreed, and he made sure that she was willing to do anything to keep from being punished.

She was so hot to look upon.

Next, he made Ashley strip in front of him. The more she stripped, the harder that dick became under his pants. She could see the big bulge that kept on growing.

She stripped off her shirt and bra. Those tits looked so good and juicy. He bent forward and took one of her nipples into his mouth. Next came her shorts, then panties.

He stuck his finger and dipped it into that wet hole then licked his fingers. Her juices tasted so wonderful. He had to fuck that pussy. He didn’t want to spend time licking her as she had done him wrong. Well, he just wanted that tight hole.

He bent her over one of the benches in the dressing room. He spread her legs and slid into her tight pink pussy.

Now, the question was to cum or not to cum in that pussy. He wanted to enjoy every stroke.  Maybe he would take that naughty ass next.

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