Seriously, only ONE thing can scatch this hot cheating trophy wife’s itch!

I’ve always fantasized about being a hot cheating trophy wife. The question is, with whom would I do this “dirty deed?” First of all, let’s start at the beginning. In this fictional tale (because I’m not really married!), let’s imagine just what kind of trouble I could get into as a “bored trophy wife.”

Wanna lead this “hot cheating trophy wife” into temptation? I dare you.

Since my hubby was on another long business trip, my brother-in-law Vinnie offered to do some minor repairs around the house. “Hello, Vinnie!” I smiled, giving him a peck on the cheek. “Thanks for coming by.”

“Hey Angel, no problem!” he said as he strode into the foyer. “Families take care of each other, you know?”

Vinnie couldn’t resist checking out his sexy, 5’5″ blonde-haired sister-in-law. Indeed, she was absolutely gorgeous, with a toned, tanned body and firm, high tits. Last but not least, she had a perfect, heart-shaped ass. Furthermore, that ass was the kind you just want to grab every time she walks by you.

Looking at his brother’s hot cheating trophy wife made Vinnie so freaking hard. Could he hide it?

Angel glanced at her hunky brother-in-law, giving him a knowing smile. Busted!

Shit, she noticed,” Vinnie thought as he smiled back nervously.

Hmmm,” she said to herself, “Maybe Tony was right about his brother checking me out.” As she talked with Vinnie, Angel couldn’t stop herself from mentally undressing him.

Would this become a cheating erotic sex story?

Although embarrassed, she just couldn’t help herself. After all, it felt like forever since she’d had sex. Even more, her eyes kept drifting to the enticing bulge in the crotch of his tight jeans. “Stop it, Angel!” she admonished herself.

Dayum!” thought Vinnie as he tried to ignore his twitching cock.  “She’s never done THAT before. I wonder if she’s had any kind of sex since Tony got that big promotion…

As she led him into the kitchen, her scent wafted enticingly around him. Unsurprisingly, his dick rewarded him with an enormous hard-on. After sitting down on the couch together, they drank their beer and made small talk. Because he was very easy to talk to, she’d always enjoyed hanging out with him.

Finally, Vinnie asked her, “Something’s on your mind, Angel. What is it?”

“What’s what?” Angel felt her face burn, but kept her tone casual.

“Aha,” he grinned. “You’re blushing, sis. C’mon, you can tell me. We’re family, after all.”

Instantly, her mouth went dry. In reality, how could she tell her husband’s brother that she’d been constantly horny for the past few months and it was just getting worse?

“Thanks, Vinnie,” she sighed, “but it’s pretty private. Personal.”

“Remember what I told you earlier, Angel? Families take care of each other. If you need to talk, I’m a great listener,” Vinnie said gently. “Besides, Tony’s been away for weeks now.

He cupped her chin, forcing her to look at him. Immediately, she dropped her gaze like a guilty schoolgirl as she blushed even harder. Vinnie laughed.

“Come on, Angel,” he said, “you gotta share it with somebody. Don’t let it get to the point where the situation gets so bad that you wind up making a mistake with some stranger.”

“Vinnie!” Angel gasped, “You shouldn’t talk like that. I’m your brother’s wife.”

All of a sudden, Angel realized how excited she was getting by all of this talk about sex. Sex that she was NOT getting!

Consequently, her neglected pussy throbbed, sticky cunt-cream soaking her panties. “OMG,” she thought, “what’s wrong with me?” Of course, she knew what was wrong. Indeed, this hot cheating trophy wife’s pussy needed a hard fucking!

But before she could tell him they should change the subject, he planted his mouth on hers, darting his tongue deep inside. Taken completely off guard, Angel moaned helplessly as her bro-in-law began to devour her, inch by cheating inch.

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