Car Sex Stories With My Lyft Driver

Everyone uses some sort of taxi app. I use it quite often because if you know me, you know I hate driving. Usually, the drivers are quite nice but I try not to make conversation until yesterday. Yesterday I met one driver that I would definitely add to my repertoire of sex stories. It wasn’t only that he was so fucking yummy, looking like a total snack. But the way he looked back at me, I knew he wanted me. I made a weird excuse to come sit in the front with him though it may not be permitted.

I didn’t waste any time. I put my hand on his cock and started stroking. Since he didn’t stop me I pulled it out and immediately put it in my mouth. Funny thing is that he didn’t say a word. He enjoyed my pretty little lips wrapped around his cock, sucking him off. When I came up I just took one of his hands and put it in between my legs. I was wearing yoga pants and no panties. My little cunnie was soaking wet and it was ready to be pounded.

There’s wasn’t any other way around it but stopping. So we did. We pulled up into a sketchy parking lot. We went to the back seat and he ate my pussy. He didn’t say much, he sort of let me do the dirty talking and I did not mind one bit. I begged for his cock. But he wasn’t giving it to me. He made me cum so hard and just when he felt my pussy pulsate on his fingers he shoved his cock inside me. When he was ready to cum, he turned me around and I back my nice round ass on his till he busted inside me.

Five stars for my Lyft driver, he really knew how to take care of all my needs.

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