My Stripping College Sex Stories

My stage name was Kami, I know, so cheesy but men liked to hear it in my cute Latina accent. I wasn’t the best dancer per say but that doesn’t mean stripping didn’t make for some hot college sex stories. Yes, I was a freshman in college and at nights your local dirty stripper. One of the things that I will always remember is the first time I gave a private dance. I was so turned on by it that I even gave the client a little bit more than I should have.

I was ending my main stage show and started to walk to the changing rooms when a client approached me. He asked the price for a private dance and I whispered it into his ear. I grabbed his hand and took him to one of the private rooms. There as a slow song was playing I started taking off my clothes. A private is more personal. I was allowed to grind on him, Straddle him as I felt his cock get hard. That’s what made me so wet. The fact that this man, that I had never met before wanted me to bad he was throwing all his money on me. Stuffing all these bills on my tiny little g-string.

I whispered to him to pull out his cock for me. He looked confused. I said he couldn’t touch me but I could do whatever I wanted. As I straddled him once again, almost like squatting over his cock, I moved my panties to the side. I let the head of his dick rub my pussy lips and just like that he came all over his pants. Sitting back on the small stage and spread my legs and fingered my pussy till I came for him.

The next morning while I was trying to pay attention to my English Lit class I couldn’t stop thinking about doing again. Maybe next time, I would get a little further.

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