I have a sugar daddy that loves taking me on vacations. Additionally, his favorite is tropical islands. Of course, we don’t go to regular places. He loves the elite islands for the wealthy. While there, we always have hot cabana sex.

His name is Alexander and he has a ton of money. Of course, he loves spending it on me. Furthermore, seeing me in designer clothing and accessories gets his dick rock-hard.

On this trip, we are staying on Cocoa Island in the Maldives. Additionally, we stay in the most charming accommodations and always have staff at our beck and call. Of course, it is heaven the entire trip.

Our hot cabana sex is amazing under the sun and by the sea.

Depending on where we are staying and how busy it is will decide the type of cabana. Sometimes, they are covered and private. Other times, the curtains are open.

On our private beach area, we can do whatever we want. Alexander is an incredible lover and has a huge cock. He knows just how to use it to make my pussy sing.

And, he enjoys showing off in front of staff with our hot cabana sex. He loves my gorgeous Latina sensual blowjob. In fact, he requests it every day. I am more than happy to suck that dick.

I know once it is hard, I reap the benefits!

It is interesting seeing how staff members are reacting to our very public sex. Alexander is super fit and I am drop-dead gorgeous. We don’t care who sees us naked.

Honestly, we enjoy it. With his amazing love-making skills, I climax loudly during our hot cabana sex. Maybe that is why he enjoys having sex in front of others. Of course, it is showing off his great skills.

Sure, we have sex when no one is around too. We fuck all the time. He can’t get enough of my beautiful body. Therefore, we are constantly touching each other, and then, the fucking begins.

Even when we go shopping, he may take me to the SUV for some fucking.

If I am trying on outfits and he is getting aroused, he has to have me immediately in the car. No hot cabana sex is required. Of course, I love all the attention he showers me with. It is so much fun.

Between the money spent and the sex, I am always happy with Alexander on our trips. And, it is fun seeing the faces of staff when they walk up to us having sex.

Me riding his huge cock as my full breasts are bouncing and swaying. A lot of the staff actually stay and watch. I even kept eye contact with them during the fun.

Of course, my skin is golden brown from the sun and I look fabulous for our hot cabana sex.

He and I will do multiple positions as the staff is watching. Honestly, I think Alexander’s dick stays harder with someone viewing our fun. Similarly, I can say my pussy is dripping wet during those moments.

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