A hot bukakke party is what this slut needed for a night out!

It’s a Saturday night and I decided to go to one of my guy friend’s frat party. I honestly didn’t know what to expect but getting dragged into a hot bukakke party was not it! The night started off normal, beer pong, guys being drunk guys and hot sorority girls flirting and dancing the night away. I started to wonder where my friend Nate disappeared to so I went looking for him. Kyle said he was in the basement so I headed there.

Maneuvering through the various obstacles of the party I still had no inkling anything was odd. As soon as I opened the door to the basement I sensed something was weird. The lights were dim, music was playing and it smelled like sweat and man. I immediately heard the unmistakable sounds of women having sex, men grunting encouragement and the slapping of flesh on flesh. Moving cautiously down a few of the dark stairs, I sat on the steps and looked down into the basement before venturing all the way in. At first, I saw shadowy figures moving around.

The space was not full, but there were a fair number of people down there at a glance. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I saw a lot of bare skin, mostly guys and a few girls. Most were in a circle around two girls. There was one guy who held a camera, taping it all and showing it off on the big screen TV. I forgot why I was down here as I gaped on the view on the screen. I could see a girl sucking one cock and stroking another.

This was going to be a hot bukakke party!

There were moans and talking all throughout the room. I could hear the woman with the two cocks moaning as she switched between them. The men telling her to suck it. I had watched bukkake porn and it was always a turn on for me, but to see it in real life was something else! My clit tingled and my pussy was getting wet. As the camera moved through the room in landed on a woman on her back and a guy drilling her soaking wet pussy. I couldn’t see her face as she had another cock stuffed in her mouth.

I watched this lucky girl getting fucked silly by these two guys and couldn’t help but wish it was me. There were a couple guys standing around her telling her to “take it like a good little slut” and other things like that. My arousal was so intense I couldn’t help but rub my pussy. The camera then moved on to another girl that was on all fours taking a guy from behind and one in her mouth. It looked like it felt so good I wanted to take her place!

My pussy and nipples tingled from arousal.

Then the camera moved to the last couple, the woman was on her back and the guy was pounding her. I realized it was my friend Nate! I couldn’t believe he was just fucking her missionary style. Nate compared to the others looked so tame, but I was still stunned! The camera moved down their bodies and I watched as his cock was sliding in and out of her pussy.

Watching as his cock disappeared inside this stranger was a huge turn on. There was shouting for the cameraman and he moved to the woman on all fours. Just in time for the guy fucking her from behind to pull out. And for her to whip around and stroke him until he came all over her. There was more cheering as more of the women were covered in cum. The camera whips around to all of them, the girls being covered over and over with jism. The TV was filled with girls covered in thick ropes of sperm.

The girls clearly enjoyed being a porn star in this hot bukakke party.

My clit tingled as I imagined being one of those girls. Putting on a hot show for all the frat guys and being a naughty cum slut. Though I’ve seen hundreds of clips of women in exactly the same position when I masturbated, being in the same space it was actually happening in made it surreal. Seeing these people with my own eyes, the smells filling my nostrils, and the sounds in my ears not coming through speakers or earphones. It was intoxicating.

The camera moved over to Nate and his partner. The camera moved to between her legs as he pulled out, using her fingers she pulled open her puffy, pink lips and got a close up of her tight hole. You could see her squeezing and her pink opening clenching and releasing as she pushed his load of cum out of her. My pussy was throbbing from the show I got to watch and I knew later I was going to have one hell of an orgasm.

Once Nate came back up I told him about how I walked in on his hot bukakke party he had down in the basement. Nate was a little shocked when I told him I wanted him to take me upstairs and fuck my brains out. He was more than happy to oblige me and man that sex was better than my first time fucking a girl!

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