So, Do You Have a Sensuous Thanksgiving Recipe?

I realize that a sensuous Thanksgiving recipe is not what one would expect on a day of thanks. However, I tend to think otherwise. This is not only a day to appreciate one’s family, but also to enjoy great food and be grateful for what we have.

At times in my life, I cursed having such a large family. I’m sure all of my readers can understand.

There was a huge gathering of us at my parent’s home.

There were many people at Thanksgiving last year. Oh, how I wish everyone lived so much closer. I was so looking forward to seeing everyone. Well, I arrived earlier than expected and went inside to greet my parents.

My breath was taken away by the vision of my brother who had beaten me there. I was so amazed at his profile in front of me. I had written about my brother in a previous incest sex story long ago. Now, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He stood towering over me.  Trevor had broad shoulders, a hard six-pack, and a set of beautiful eyes. Wow, the military really whipped him into shape.

Finally, everyone arrived at the house.

There were still some things to make. Of course, my mother was running late as usual.  She was trying to prepare the last of the food. My brother stepped in to assist her and told Mommy to go relax with the family and friends.

Grateful for a chance to rest, she clambered off to the living room. My brother took me aside and asked if I could help. The thought of spending time with him creating a sensuous Thanksgiving recipe was exciting. We both loved to cook.

So into the kitchen, we went.

The minute no one was around, my brother looked into my eyes and we just knew things would spark between us. It’s as if we had never parted. Our lips came together in such a sweet kiss. We held one another for long moments. I could feel his warm breath in my hair and his arms circling tightly around my petite waist.

Just then we heard footsteps and the kiss ended. After they left, we continued kissing and started touching one another. His body felt so good. He started to prepare something on the counter for dessert. He surprised me when he took some whipped cream and sprayed some on my tits. His mouth was both torture and heaven as he licked and sucked my nipples.

This was definitely not my sissy brother any longer, but a strong hunky man. Today he would be owning me, taking me into his lair of sensuality. Trevor went over to the turkey and cut a leg off. Next thing I knew he was pulling my panties down and then licking my pussy. My cum sprayed like wine. I felt something hot going into my pussy that wasn’t his dick.  Later I found out it was the turkey leg that I had cum all over.

Wait someone is coming again.

Just then someone else came in and I ducked down below the counter, pulling my skirt down. After my brother had gotten them a drink, he bent me over the counter and fucked me so hard.

I couldn’t believe my own brother was actually taking me over and over. My cum hit his cock. When he told me he was going to cum I pulled his dick out and we topped the fresh pumpkin pie with a bit of extra whipped cream. What a sensuous Thanksgiving recipe we both created together.

Of course, there were many more exciting things that took place with my loving brother over the long holiday weekend. I look forward to sharing them with you.

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