Daddy says I am his hot blonde accomplice. 

He’s right, I’ll do anything to help Daddy access his favorite flavors of pussy. Daddy’s hot blonde accomplice has been trained to do the dirty work so that he doesn’t have to. He brought me up from a very young age to crave exactly the same things he does. Long nights spent practicing sucking his big thick fatherly dick. Stretching my mouth out to eventually be able to reach the very base. “Don’t forget my balls, Dylan.” – Daddy is an expert at training his incesty slut. One day I knew I wouldn’t be enough for him and while that made me sad, I knew Daddy had a plan that would make everything all better. 

Daddy told me to stop by Coach Carter’s office at school after class.

I always do exactly what Daddy tells me to, even if I’m a little bit of a brat about it. Yes I huffed and puffed about missing out on hanging out with my friends BUT I knew I had to do what my Pops told me. I knocked on Coach Carter’s door who welcomed me inside. “Your father tells me you’ve been learning a lot at home in terms of your sexual education. Take off your uniform and show me how far you’ve with the lessons.” 

I nodded and stripped for Coach Carter, being sure to do the little booty shake Daddy had me learn. Coach’s cock grew so big I was a little scared but I still came behind his desk and sucked him off. After he came down my throat he told me I would be in charge of cheer camp this summer for the freshman class. “Now, I suspect your dear old father has raised you to be his perfect hot blonde accomplice. It’s important that you learn a few more grooming techniques.” Coach Carter said this with a grin as he slid a black American Express card across his desk. 

“Dylan, you will take the younger girls shopping and out to eat often. You will also pull them cash from ATMs. Do you know why we will need you to do this?”

I knew why- hush money goes a long way with teens. At least until they become as addicted to older and bigger dick. Daddy’s hot blonde accomplice already had this part of the lesson plan down naturally. I was to start by teaching the girls cheer drills then slowly getting to know each of them individually. After getting them comfortable, I would be able to figure out which had lower self-esteem that could benefit from the extra attention from Daddy and Coach Carter’s friends.

Girls who had problems at home, who didn’t have boyfriends yet and especially any who hadn’t gotten their period yet. The guys at the country club Daddy hangs out with like them teeny, tiny and young. Only the freshest and prettiest pussy would do. The young soon-to-be cheerleaders will be desperate to impress me already too. Young ladies at that age just want to fit in. Having an older girl pal made them feel cool!

Cheer camp started without a hitch.

All of the little girls were so cute and fun. As expected they were very excited to have me as their cheer captain and trainer. They had no idea this hot blonde accomplice would be planning their lives for the next 4+ years. This year the pickins were great. They all got close to me super fast and I learned every single one of them were still virgins. What a treat, right?! 

After a few weeks I told them there was a huge party being planned at the country club in their honor. Those little sweethearts were so excited, it was honestly hysterical knowing how blissfully unaware they were. I took them shopping and got their hair & make-up done for the big event. Right before we got there the I had the girls all take a shot of the rum cocktail I made for the road.

Little did they know I had put ecstacy in the drink. You could feel the sexual energy just buzzing out of their young little tight bodies. Once we walked into the door of the ballroom, that’s when they realized it wouldn’t be their typical social event. 😉

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