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I so badly want this job. I have had the hots for this daddy for so long and lucky for me he is looking for a sitter. My mommy tells him about how I am looking for a job and he for sure contacts me. I am excited since I know this will for sure lead to Hot Babysitter Sex. Going over, I have tight little booty shorts and a halter tank top showing off my little tummy. He has a wife but she is never around, even better for me.

As he conducts my interview I am so flirting with him and I can tell his cock is growing in his pants. I offer up the extra circular skills that I can perform. You know, cleaning, cooking, and cock sucking. His eyes get so big. Yeah, I meant what I said. I go over to him.

My shirt comes off and I am standing there, pink hard nipples exposed.

I take off my shorts and thong next. He says nothing as I get on my knees in between his lap. I am rubbing on this thick dick through his pants. He is pushing me off telling me we shouldn’t. I look up at him and unzip and unbuckle his contraption. Let’s have some Hot Babysitter Sex, baby!

I tease him, sticking my tongue out and rubbing his swollen head against my lips and tongue. His head goes back and he moans as he thrusts his hips and cock into the air. I take his cock deeper and deeper down my throat. He is so swollen and thick. My mouth is squeezing him and my tongue is tracing all down his veins and muscles. I so play with these balls. They are so fucking full. I look up at him, “I can drain his balls three times a day”.

That is at the very least, and plus I can be on call whenever he needs me.

He fucks my throat raw and hard, pumping his shaft deep into my tight throat. His cock is so fucking wet from my sticky spit. I get up and put his cock in between my thighs, right up against my pussy. “Take me daddy, and give me the job.”

He lays down and I get on top of his cock. Grabbing his cock, I so rub it from my hard little clit to my soft, tight, pink hole. Just the head. “Do I have the job?” He eagerly shakes his head up and down. He is going to get Hot Babysitter Sex all the time. I push him inside of me. Stretching my tightness around his shaft, I bounce up and down. All that is left is to get a nice fat creampie.

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