HOT Age Play fun with my Headmaster

Age play phone sex has always intrigued me. Especially since I have always strangely been attracted to older men. My first encounter with an older man was the most memorable one I have had. I was a naughty little girl at my private school who loved to get in trouble – coincidentally because I had a crush on my much older headmaster.

I remember purposefully talking back to me teachers, not turning in my homework or getting in fights with the other girls. Basically anything that would get me sent automatically to my headmasters office. Even seeing him in the hallway would make my pussy wet. He never really seemed interested, which I accepted as a challenge. I would walk into his office, hike my skirt up to where my ass cheeks were just barely hanging out the bottom of my skirt, twist my golden hair around my finger and bat my eyelashes. One particular day, he showed his true colors- my attempts at seducing him had become too much for him to suppress. I could see his erection pulsating through his pants; at that moment, I remember feeling my pussy drip all the way down my upper thigh to my knee-high socks. We locked eyes and in a split second, he threw me onto his desk, lifted my plaid skirt, and filled me right up. My eyes widened, surprised by his girth, he grabbed my bosom and ripped off my button-down shirt. He began to gently bite my erect nipples with his front teeth, and as he did this, I felt the overwhelming sensation…the sweet throbbing deep in my groin. I was filled with anxious anticipation as I awaited my orgasm. Can’t wait to tell you the rest of the story… and maybe have some age play phone sex 😉