Adult Sex Stories: Young Adult loves to fuck strangers at concerts

My adult sex stories took place at a music festival. I fucking love music festivals I have been to so many of them. Actually, my favorite adult sex stories happened at one. It was last weekend at a country-themed one.  I loved it the bands rocked, the weather was nice, and the men looked even better. Me being a sexy young single girl who was ready to party made it even better.

My outfit stole the show I was wearing a cute crop top that showed my belly and made my 36 C breasts pop sexy tight jeans shorts that hugged me in all the right places and some cowgirl boots. I had been drinking all day and night was coming. I was dancing to the music moving my hips all around. when I noticed a really tall and handsome man looking at me. He was smiling as I continued dancing with my drink in my cup.

Walking closer to me I decided to bend over and shake my ass on him.

Which made him hella excited. he grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to him. Whispering in my ear telling me how bad he wanted me. So I said then take me, big boy. He took my hand and guided me to a quiet place where no one was around. It was covered by bushes and dark. I kissed him and he slid his hand down my pants. Feeling on his big hard cock I unzipped his pants and started stroking it as it quickly grew in my hand. He smiled and told me to bend over as he slid down my shorts and panties almost mid thigh.

He was thrusting his big hard cock into me, making me bite my lips to keep from screaming out with pleasure. I reached over and popped my supple boobs out of my shirt and he reached his hand to the front and started playing with them. Pushing my head down into the bush. He fucked me hard and quick. Making me cum so hard all over his dick, as he pounded me from the back. until he cum shot out, running down my thighs, I rubbed myself against the bush as we got back dressed and went back to the concert. That was a very good time!

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