I grew up in small-town America. Our family had a farm and we had multiple types of farm animals. We also had horses, lots of them. Riding them was so fun and a great way to get away from the house. My father had remarried, and my stepmother was an odd bird, but I was stuck with her. Little did we know she loved horse sex.

She was very intense. Grace had never had kids of her own but felt she was the all-knowing mother over us. It was not fun for any of us. Our father was a great guy and he was doing the best he could with our mother gone. When he met Grace, she was such a great actress, he fell for her act. What we didn’t know was what lay below the surface of this crazy woman.

Grace spent a lot of time trying to do right by my father. She learned all she needed to know to be a good cook and fix all his favorites. For that, we cut her some slack. When it came time to work the farm, everyone had to help. It was hard work and the days were long. At the end of the day, we all came in, cleaned up, and ate together. Grace made sure there was plenty to eat.

She worked hard to be a decent wife and mother to us.

My father and mother were good together. Remember, our whole family believed in free love. Then one day my mother came home and said she had found God and we were living in sin. The next thing we knew she had packed her bags and left. However, we never heard from her again. Father met Grace through a friend and they hit it off immediately. Within a month, they were married.

It was hard to have a new “mother”, but I knew it was best to keep the peace. I loved my father and wanted him to be happy. The “free love” stopped while he let Grace get acclimated to our life. Of course, my siblings and I still had fun together. We refused to stop our incest sex and agreed to keep it between us. They always told me I had a hot sex phone voice. Father and Grace went at it like rabbits and they were loud. It was such a turn on to hear them fucking.

One night I got up for a drink of water and I saw Grace go out to the barn. I thought maybe she was sleepwalking and went back to bed. Then a few nights later, the same thing. This time I waited for her to come back in. She was such a disheveled mess. What was she doing out there? Did she have a beau behind father’s back?

What was this freaky horse sex loving chick up to?

I decided to follow her the next time. So, each night I listened and then one night I heard her getting ready to go out. I got up and followed her to the barn. She went into the tack room and came out with this strange contraption. Setting it down, she went to the horse stalls and got our prize stallion. She took him to the training ring and tied him to the pole.

I walked out of the shadows and asked what she was doing. At first, she was frightened by my finding her here, but then she said, “Let me show you.” She took the contraption over to the stallion and placed it on him. It was like a strange seat underneath him instead of on top. Once it was all connected, she had me undress and showed me how to sit in the seat. She got the horse excited and his giant cock was in perfect position to penetrate me. It was pure heaven and from that moment on, Grace and I were horse sex loving best friends!

Every few nights, we would sneak out. We would undress and play with each other first, she ate the best pussy ever. Then, we would take turns in the “sex seat” with our prized horse sex stallion. After all, his cock was huge, and it hit spots inside me that my brother and father’s dick could not. Grace and I enjoyed our time together and our naughty secret.

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