Horse sex, Getting fucked by a beautiful black stallion!

Horse sex, Getting fucked by a beautiful black stallion! I have never done a bestiality story that was out of the box… but I was really getting into this one idea I had. So I have a brother and he is really into kinky things. Not only does he like to be choked and bitten but once I caught him with the family dog.  Not only did I catch him with the family dog but he was wearing one of my sundresses while he did it. I can’t wait to bring you to the edge with some extreme taboo phone sex.

My Idea was to take him outside while he was still in my sundress to the stall where we keep the horses. We just got this one male black stallion that is as big as he is beautiful. So I pulled him the whole way pleading with me. Then I told him to do what I say or everyone was going to know his dirty little secret. I couldn’t help but feel a rush of pleasure deep inside of me dominating my kinky little brother. I pushed him to his knees in the stallion’s stall making my pretty yellow sundress instantly dirty.

Horse sex, Fuck the horse or else!

Looking down at him in the hay I noticed that I had made him scrape his knee when I pushed him. I smiled because he was going to pay for what he was doing in my dress. If my brother wanted to be with an animal he could be with a real animal, not some tiny dog. I commanded that he suck the horse till he was hard! My brother was very resistant but as I took a picture of him with my cell phone for proof is when he began to take me seriously.

Tears running down his eyes he began to pleasure the horse exactly how I wanted him to.

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