Horse Sex! I know what you immediately think.  And, maybe you’re right.  I dabble in more than a few taboo sex acts.  But, no abhorrent act CUMpares to the seriously HUGE dick I have in my thankful holes.   When I say Horse Sex…I mean it!

Knox is an NBA player with a dick that straps to his LEG before practice, or games.  He is the slowest to run onto the court because it hurts to smack around.  Moreover, the leakage? Oh, yeah.  That’s a problem too as you can imagine!  I LOVE it, however, it does cause some stretching that I have to do exercises to fight.  Of course, I STILL love it.

My friends ask, how it feels to be stuffed like a turkey?  “Is it painful? Do you cum hard on him?”  Now, I’m not one to kiss & tell, but in a single word… The answer is, “YES!”.  To all of it!  It fills me to every corner I have and sometimes, I can’t even breathe around it.  Yes, it’s a blissful kind of pain and YES…I cum harder than a mofo!  Extra question?  Oh, yeah…I always want more.

Knox is a greedy fucker.  He often shows up at my job to temp and to tease me into meeting him in the Ladies Room.  I walked him pulling me into the big stall at the end.  He had the BEAST out and stretched to capacity along with the familiar purple coloring.  He wants to fuck…NOW!  As a matter of fact, that’s how he always wants it.  Just that fact makes me want it too!

Horse Sex and the non-myth of the BBC.

If I haven’t mentioned til now, Knox is a HUGE BLACK MAN with all the bells and whistles you can imagine.  In fact, you probably are imagining right now, huh?  I get it.  Their talent precedes them.  That, however, does not mean it’s to be taken for granted. There really are a few (very few…) who ain’t got that swing.  You can COUNT on the vast majority being eXXXcellent when stepping up to bat.  In the first place, I don’t think you can be born black and NOT have a big one.  After that, it’s mostly about how you use it, right?

Knox was born with a fatty and by the time he reached 8th grade, he was PACKING all 14 inches and that’s without being fully erect!  To say that he’s not a gentle lover is an understatement!  He thinks he’s pursuing pussy calmly; but, it’s more like a gentle bull in a china shop! 

He knows he can smash it all in me, but that never gets in the way of him trying.  He pulls my arms behind my back, picks a hole, then rams away until I feel him tremble, jerk, arch his back, then moan like an animal. Of course, all of this without him EVER getting all that sausage inside me.  Oh, hell no!  It would split me in half! I’m lustful, not CRAZY!

Knox has that sense of rhythm that makes it feel like his dick is dancing inside me and I’m swept up in the beat.  My entire body is rocking with him and hearing my own breathing become jagged.  We both know what’s CUMming next.  He’s gonna Pop That Pussy!  I hold on tight and let it flow.

Horse Sex hits the mark!

When he drives that horse dick inside me I feel a little dizzy, almost like I’m high on something.  I guess I am!  I’m high on good dick!  When he fills my ass with his cream, I literally drop from my knees onto my belly and remain there as it drizzles out f me. Damn, that’s hot!

Are you wondering why I tell you my intimate deets?  It’s because Erotic Sex Stories are made better when you share them with someone else!  How hard do you get thinking about watching me with him?  Don’t you want to see his jizz pouring from my tight, little holes?

I betcha I can get you hooked.  Let’s try a little Forced Anal Phonesex tonight!  I’m Joey and I know what you crave!


Horse Sex