Homewrecking Holiday Cheer with Dad

I have a confession to make, a very very naughty confession at that. On my 18th Christmas Eve I decided to break tradition and spend the holiday with my former friend Katie. Katie’s dad was really really hot for a man in his late forties rapidly approaching his 50’s. I’d been attracted to him since I was 15 years old but I was always far too shy to make a move. I wasn’t sure if he would return my feelings or share the very same desires but finally by 18 I just had to know.

I never thought about how his wife would feel or how shocked Katie may be, the only thing on my mind was getting to finally have a little naughty fun with George (Katie’s dad hated when I called him Mr.Smith). At 1am on Christmas Eve I went down stairs hearing George rummaging in the fridge. All I had on was a pair of cotton white panties and a tight white tang-top on. I rubbed at my eyes making it appear as if I’d woken up to get some water. The truth was I had been waiting to hear him.

George was in a pair of black boxer briefs and was completely startled. I didn’t miss the look in his eyes for a minute there was hunger,lust, and desire. This was my chance it wasn’t long until I was pressed up against the wall with his want grazing over the front of my panties.

Do you want to know what happened next? Maybe you want to live out a little Christmas Eve fun of your own?

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