Homewrecking Babysitter Adriana

A homewrecking babysitter? Yeah, you heard that right. There’s is a thrill I only get when I seduce a married man. In my latest babysitting gig I found someone I know I’ll be fucking for awhile. I had been teasing him for weeks now, and finally a few days ago he made a move. We were in the kitchen, kids already in bed and wife still out, when everything started. The way he looked at me, I knew that night he was going to have a piece of my homewrecking cunt.

Mr. Williams was standing by the dish washer when I approached him. I asked if he was okay and then giggled. I was wearing a tiny little skirt and a thin cotton top. I leaned into him even closer, and I let him know that I knew he want it me. Before I knew it, after all the teasing I had done, we were making out. He rapidly put his hands on my tight young body. He squeezed me tight, like he had not felt someone in a while. Once I felt his cock through his pants I told him I want it him to take me upstairs.

I sat on his bed. The same bed where he sleeps with his wife. I took my panties off and let them drop to the floor. Then, I turned over, put my ass up in the air and showed him what he had been missing. My tight little young cunt was wet already. I looked back at him and begged him to touch me. He buried his face in my ass. Tasted me and made me ever wetter. I want it him inside me.

I felt him press his cock right up against my slit. When he started pushing inside me I moaned very softly. He fucked me till I came all over his bed. My juices dripped on all their pillows. I was going to make sure that his wife smelled my little homewrecking babysitter cunt all night long. He laid me on my back and put my legs up on his shoulders. He pounded me into the bed till he filled me up.

When his wife got home we were already downstairs. He said he was tired and asked if she could take me home. Mrs. Williams took me home not knowing that I was dripping with his teen pussy loving husband’s load.


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