I’ve Used Some Pretty Strange Things As Toys, These Were the Ones That I Liked

In case you haven’t gathered this by now, I’m a nympho, and as such, I tend to masturbate, a lot. Sometimes more than others, but since I’ve hit puberty I’ve had thousands of orgasms. When I was younger I obviously couldn’t just buy sex toys without my prudish, bible-thumping parents finding out and having a complete meltdown. So I got very creative about how I got off. I thought it would be fun to make a list of all the things I’ve used to masturbate. Enjoy! I know I did 😉

  1. I broke my hymen with a turkey baster! LOL No lie, it seemed like a good idea at the time.
  2. I had really bad menstrual cramps as a teen, so I bought a massage wand to help with the pain, but soon after purchasing it, it became my go-to toy! It actually makes a great vibrator.One of my favorite vibrating toys
  3. Another of my old favorites is a detachable shower head. I learned about that when staying at my friend’s house out of state. I would get so horny and had no toys, so I would take excruciatingly long showers. 😉
  4. The handle of any and all cooking utensils I could sneak out of the kitchen.
  5. A Kirby Vacuum. If you don’t know what that is, google it. But they had strong fucking motors and sitting on it made me cream my panties. Literally.
  6. A vibrating toothbrush.
  7. The handle of a hair brush as a dildo.
  8. A vibration app on my smartphone.
  9. Olive oil & petroleum jelly as lube (olive oil is good – Petroleum Jelly is not)
  10. Clothes pins as nipple clamps
  11. Clothesline as rope (ouch)
  12. Hot sauce (OUCH)
  13. Ice dildos (VERY sexy but soo cold lol)

You can try any one or all of these, and they’re an inexpensive and sexy way to change up your masturbation. But the best way to make that hand around your cock feel a lot better is to call me for Teen Phone Sex -I’ll break out the turkey baster!! 😀